Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020


Recognizing the importance of a source of meaningful livelihood to survival, Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-udo promised to _“…see to the creation of jobs and wealth for the people…”_ He is not lost on this promise and has provided massive support for individuals and businesses to thrive.

The ‘Macaire Entreprise Development Scheme’ is one of the initiatives which have ensued as a result of Ukpong-udo’s drive to enhance businesses and create millionaires from amongst his constituents. Even if still at its infancy, the scheme has a whooping N100m earmarked to support a wealth-creation drive for start-ups as well as existing entrepreneurial ventures in the constituency in the year 2020. As at the end of January 2020, N4.5m has so far been disbursed to about 7 constituents.

This is aside from hefty financial support often spontaneously offered to innumerable members of his constituency; many, in times of urgent distress or financial crisis. Instances are many and varied: reviving the fashion business of a constituent which was razed down by fire as well as that of another run down due to excessive hospital bills; providing seed capital for many in dire need, including a widow.

As at the last count, well over 30 qualified Ikono-Ini indigenes have been offered employment – at various levels, in various sectors – on the recommendation of Obong Ukpong-udo. Those already in employment are not left out. A constituent, who was wrongly dismissed from work, was immediately reinstated following a petition presented to the Green Chambers by Obong Ukpong-udo.

Before these, Obong Ukpong-udo had instituted ‘Macaire “I earn, You earn” Scheme,’ another job creation initiative which places over 55 persons under his direct employ, in various capacities, drawing monthly wages from his personal earnings.

Leadership requires integrity. Keeping promises is a feature of integrity. In the service of his people, Ukpong-udo continues to keeping promises…

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