The Man MACAIRE and His Insignia

M ~ Manager :

A ~ Accommodating

C ~ Caring

A ~ Accessible

I ~ Inspiring

R ~ Rescuer

E ~ Empowerment


Many don’t know that this philanthropist has a vast experience in Health and Safety managerial roles, he’s an experienced and well qualified HSEQ Professional. He worked as Group QHSE Leader with Intels Africa Ltd and was responsible for managing HSEQ within the group of companies and maintaining both company HSE-MS & QMS at the Group level.

His duties included administration and operating the OIA office HSEQ Department and coordinating activities of all operating companies within the group through effective team working. He acted as management representative with authority to ensure that all applicable Quality and HSE management requirements are implemented and maintained.

Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-udo (Macaire) has spent over 19+ years in major Energy, Oil & Gas, Engineering and Construction organizations.


According to Thomas Carlyles’ postulation, “the work an unknown good man has done is like a vein of water flowing hidden underground, secretly making the ground green.”

Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-udo (Macaire) is a man that has good intents for the people of Ikono/Ini, a colossus that is loved by the people because of his gargantuan heart, Macaire’s door is open to all irrespective of local government, party affiliation, tribe and religion.


Contained in the conative of Macaire is one thing nobody can take away from him “care”.

Nobody goes closer to him and leave without his touch. Ukpong-udo cares about the welfare and health of his people. His timely check and assistance to indigent students in higher institutions has gone miles far to alleviate the rate of illiteracy among youths. On his name a Medical Outreach was conducted 3 months ago at Ikot Umoh, Nkwot, for the people of ward 6.


It is on records that Macaire, the principal of MkpoikanaAbasi campaign team, is the youngest political leader in the history of the state, a feat many are longing to achieve.

It is on record that Macaire was an achiever in his twenties, a feat many Ikono/Ini sons still long to achieve.

It is on record that Macaire started work in the oil and gas sector as a manager in his twenties, a feat that many still wants to beat.

It is on record that Macaire even without a political office, has empowered the people more than any political office holder in the history of Ikono/Ini, this feat only Macaire can beat for now.

It is on record that Macaire above all, puts the Almighty God first. He’s gentle, intelligent and Godfearing.


Anybody can prove me wrong on this, Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-udo (Macaire) is one man that is easily accessible, I don’t need to write much on this.


Revisiting times past, Ikono/Ini people experienced ineffective representation at the Green Chambers of the National Assembly. Politicians that occupied that office eloped to Abuja and only resurfaces ceremonially and during election. They forgot all the campaign promises, leaving the electorate in the nest of their fates.

I can remember vividly that Macaire was approached by his constituents for him to accept representing the people of the federal constituency, he was seen as the rescuer, he accepted the call by his people to go to the green chambers and ameliorate the the numerous problems of Ikono/Ini people.

The rescuer accepted the call, stood for the primaries and emerged the standard bearer of the party, PDP.

General elections is by the corner, Ikono/Ini people I want to advise that we all rise to the challenge and support, campaign and vote for the rescuer. Macaire is the right man for the job. Before now he had made a mark, touched lives and left a good name in Ikono/Ini, this is the time to do more so we could achieve more.

I implore everyone to take this project personal, as we expect to count our blessings later


Every Tom and Dick in Ikono/Ini can attest to this fact, Macaire is synonymous to empowerment, he has been doing it, he is still doing it and he will still continue to do it to the glory of God and the pleasure of the constituents.

It is on this note that I want you to join in celebrating this God sent gentleman, a mentor, boss and big brother, while I plead with Ikono/Ini people to look back at records and cast their votes for all the candidates in PDP.

Mfreke Udonkang is my name, head publisher

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