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Ten Things Every Nigerian Lady Must Avoid If You Want Him To Marry You This Year



The thought of getting married to your dream man is indeed an overwhelming one, and the Nigerian ladies are known to show attractive and highly appealing characters to achieve this further.

A successful marriage was once a product of a thoughtfully planned courting process. However, during the course of courting as a Nigerian lady, there are certain things you must avoid if you wish to walk the aisle side by side with your dream man.

This article will take you through “Ten things every Nigerian lady must avoid if you want him to get married to you.”

1. Do not disrespect him!
This is easily the first thing that comes up on this list! Every man loves to be respected, and in return, he reciprocates this by offering his undying love and affection to you.

Never disrespect a man either by speaking provocatively or disrespectfully. Most ladies tends to think their beautiful face is a passport to be rude: you will end in premium tears.

Let him talk when he needs to, and do not interrupt him by chipping in unless completely necessary.

2. Pre-marital sex could spell the end of your relationship.
If you’re in a serious relationship with a man, I strongly recommend you stay away from pre-marital sex outside your relationship.

Nigerian ladies love to have options, and in the course of this, they tend to flirt and engage in pre-marital sex outside their relationships. Undoubtedly, many do it for money!

It may seem like all is hidden, but trust me, you are certainly dragging your relationship into a path you may never return.

3. Choking him up with constant attention
Giving your man too much attention is one mistake most Nigerian ladies make in a new relationship.

They tend to be very clingy. Men love to be given a breathing space without having to beg for it. You don’t have to be with him 24/7 for him to know you love him; letting him have some time alone is just the right way to show him that you care about his well-being, and soon, he will see you as wife material.

Avoid texting and calling every opportunity you get, visiting him at all times. While this may not be a negative intention, your potential husband might get bored of you and decide to look outside the relationship for fun and excitement.

4. Paying no attention to his problems and needs
A good wife is one that is supportive physically, mentally, and morally and men are very sensitive to this trait; they’ll easily know when you do not care about their problems.

Try to understand what bothers him; most men won’t openly spill their problems to you. Instead, study your man and look for signs of trouble or uneasiness and offer help where necessary.

5. Depending on your man’s wealth
A hard-working lady is a sign of a good wife who will offer support to the family. Do not be dependent on your mans’ wealth if you want him to get married to you.

Most men fear they may have to bear the marriage cost, living cost, and every other financial attachment for the rest of their life if they get married to a woman who isn’t financially dependent.

A man needs to know you can be there for him when he needs you, stand in for him when he isn’t available, and support him when he faces tough times. A woman dependent on her mans’ wealth is like a dead weight, and soon he’ll cut you off.

6. Keeping a bad company of friends
Keeping a bad company of friends is widely unaccepted by men. If you’ve got friends that engage in pre-marital sex, gossip, smoke, etc.,

Try to avoid them for the sake of your future marriage plans. Men feel keeping such friends would influence you, and as such will go further to try and persuade you to leave such friends.

And in most cases, your unwillingness to heed to his advice may cost you your relationship.

7. Nagging and complaining about every little thing
He isn’t very wealthy, he doesn’t have a car, he doesn’t give you enough money, he didn’t buy you the most expensive engagement ring, he doesn’t spoil you with gifts here and there.

That’s quite a lot of complaint and will surely drive away your man in the long run. Men hate ladies that nag and complain over every little thing. If you want him to get married to you, avoid this like a plague.

8. Not listening to his advice.
Again you are probably thinking why the heck am I including all these little things when there are more significant concerns.

The truth is, paying deaf ears to his advice and orders show that you care less about what he feels about you, and this is much more disrespectful than having to use offensive words on him.

Try to listen as well as take action when he advises you, and listen to his orders when you’re wrong. Soon he’ll know you’re the suitable wife material for him.

9. Not being truthful
Keeping a relationship means sharing your love, problems, secrets, and most importantly, telling each other the truth! Keeping the truth from your man is like a ticking time bomb just awaiting for the last second to blow off.

Do you have a bad history or a secret you keep? Share it with your partner else he may find out on his own, and that wouldn’t pan out well. Share your secrets, and always try to be truthful in a relationship, and he’ll appreciate it.

10. Demanding more than he can afford
Women are mostly not demanding on their own but get easily influenced by what they see outside and may start demanding the same from their partners.

Demanding more than your partner can afford will only serve as a deterrent and will drive him away. Try to be contented with what he has to offer and support him to grow so he can provide more for you.

Men are like mirrors and will easily reciprocate what is thrown at them. Positive behaviours and attitudes breed even more positive behaviour and actions from your partner.

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AKSG, NEMA Partner against Flooding of Farmlands



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Akwa Ibom State Government (AKSG) has partnered the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in the control of flood and its effects on farmlands in the State.
The partnership which was demonstrated through the distribution of relief materials to farmers affected by the 2020 flood in the State, was carried out at the State Secretariat field in Uyo, on Saturday, October 2, 2021.

Supervising the distribution, the Commissioner for Agriculture, Dr. Glory Edet noted that the exercise was to cushion the effect of the flood which affected farmers in some parts of the state in 2020, and to help them find their feet after being grossly affected.

“This is the Governor’s way of consoling the affected farmers and encouraging them to go back to work”, she said, while commending Governor Emmanuel for having the interests of farmers at heart.

“It is only in Akwa Ibom state that Government distributes inputs, interest-free loans and other support packages to all categories of farmers. He has given agriculture a pride of place in the scheme of things , and has positively touched the lives of all categories of farmers across the state. God bless him”, she prayed.

Acknowledging the role of NEMA in the exercise, Dr. Edet observed that the distribution would not have been successful without the Agency’s resolve to support the farmers.

While charging recipients of the relief materials to use them in improving their productivity, the Commissioner warned them not to sell out the materials, adding that such would be an act of ungratefulness and self-cheat.
In his remarks, the Director General of NEMA, represented by Dr. Obot commended the State government for being among the few states with landmark achievements in agriculture. He also lauded the Agric Commissioner for her efficiency in managing the affairs of farmers in the State.

Goodwill Messages were received from the President, Iban Utoiwang Akwa Ibom, Obonganwan Magdalene Udom; A representative of SEMA, Mr. Uduak Obonukut; President, Female Farmers, Mrs. Margaret Nya; AFAN Coordinator, Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District, Pastor Sunday Amos; Mr. Damian Egwu, State Supervisor, NEMA and others.

Inputs distributed included: knapsack sprayers, growth enhancers, pesticides, water pump, fertilizers, maize seeds, rice seeds, and herbicides.

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The Oku Ibom Ibibio and Paramount Ruler of Nsit Ubium Local Government Area, Ntenyin (Dr.) Solomon Etuk, has been sworn in as President General of the State Traditional Rulers Council, TRC.

This  follows the recent amendment of the Traditional Rulers Law 2020 by the state House of Assembly which provides for the Traditional Rulers Council to be headed by a President General in place of the previous office of Chairman State Council of Chiefs .

The colourful event held at the ultra- modernTraditional Rulers Council Chambers, Uyo, also witnessed the swearing-in of Edidem Offong Effiong Matthew Unanaowo and Edidem Etim Nnana Itang as Paramount Rulers for Urue Offong-Oruko and Ikono Local Government Areas respectively.

Administering oaths of Office and Allegiance on the new paramount rulers, the Governor explained that the review in the traditional rulers’ laws was driven by the need for continuous improvement in the reformation of institutional structures and enhancement of leadership in line with global best practices.

“Laws are not amended because of a particular person in office. Laws are amended to suit best practices all over the world.

“Sometime ago we had to move the tenure of Chairmanship of our Council of Chiefs from one to two years.

“Today we have seen that we can also go further and make those two years renewable at the discretion of the governor so I really want to thank our paramount rulers first for their understanding, cooperation and support to make sure we keep improving.

“We are trying to make this institution a little more revered. It was extremely difficult for a chairman of just two years to be able to effect impactful policies or whatever he may have to do.

“So we have to put in practice things that are being done elsewhere to make things work well, so I’m happy that this is being done while consultations continue on other areas.

Governor Emmanuel who announced the upward review of welfare packages for traditional rulers in the state, explained that the increment became necessary given the current economic realities and in line with his resolve to add value to the revered institution.

He congratulated Ntenyin Solomon Etuk and the new paramount rulers on their elevation to the exalted offices, saying that their elevation places on them the responsibility of piloting affairs of the traditional institutions in the state.

Governor Emmanuel presented  staff of office as well as certificates of recognition to the paramount rulers, urging the President General to be fair to all by carrying everyone along in his administration for continued peace in the state and presented brand new official Prado Jeeps to the two royal fathers, saying he wanted them accorded their due respect.

In his acceptance speech, the newly sworn in President General of the State Traditional Rulers Council, Ntenyin Solomon Etuk expressed appreciation to Governor Emmanuel for finding him worthy to lead the traditional rulers in the state and assured of continued support to the state administration.

Earlier in his remarks, the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Mr. Frank Archibong, lauded Governor Emmanuel’s commitment to boosting the traditional institution by giving premium to its affairs, thereby ensuring that peace reign in all the domains.

He pointed out that the respect and honour accorded the royal fathers comes with huge responsibility and urged members of the institution to live up to the call.

Ntenyin Etuk assured the governor of continuous support from the traditional institution.

Prior to his emergence as President General in the new structure, Ntenyin Etuk had served as Chairman of the State Council of Chiefs since 2019.

The ongoing celebration of Akwa Ibom at 34, continues with the arrival of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo Friday, to flag off the Dakkada Luxury Estate in Uyo and also commission the Dakkada Towers.

Media Unit
Govt House,Uyo
Akwa Ibom State

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