Revealed: Why Akpabio Is Angry With Udom Emmanuel

Amidst resounding hullabaloos on the reasons for the anger and the recent defection of Senator Godswill Akpabio to the All Progressives Congress, APC, indications have emerged that the major reason why the once celebrated great teacher decided to abandon his political godson was because of the Governor’s adoption of a new campaign slogan other than the one coined and handed over by the Distinguished Senator.

The statements by Senator Akpabio in recent times capture his inner mind when he recalled how he (Akpabio) dissipated energy to ensure Udom’s victory in 2015 and afterward, Governor Udom has failed to accord him his due but attributed the success to “only God.”
It would be recalled that Senator Akpabio has repeatedly made jest of the new slogan by Governor Udom Emmanuel “Only God” which accordingly, infuriated him and undermined his role in the last election.

Our investigations reveal that Senator Akpabio had coined a slogan, “Let Godswill Be Done Again, Again and Again,” which ostensibly allocating to himself the role of an almighty whose will must be done and supersedes every other considerations.

It was gathered that Udom was at the verge of adopting the “Godswill” slogan when a revered clergy in the state (name withheld) warned him not to worship any man nor give the place of God to a man.

Accordingly, Governor Udom on a second thought, called his great teacher to break the news which threw him (Akpabio) off balance and cemented the Senator’s decision to abandon his political godson on the ground of what he term insubordination, ingratitude and flagrant disobedience.

While expressing his anger last week, Senator Akpabio was quoted to have said, “OnlyGod gave Someone the power to become the Governor of Akwa Ibom State when he was never a member of any political party, OnlyGod made someone the Governor of Akwa Ibom State when he never assisted anyone in Akwa Ibom State to bury his or her parents, and OnlyGod made someone the Governor of Akwa Ibom who never contested nor dreamt of becoming the Councillor, Chairman, State or Federal House member.”

Speaking further, he said “the only mistake I ever made in life was asking God to make the Governor of Akwa Ibom State to be my successor instead of asking God to reveal him to me. God would’ve revealed to me that he was going to be a man that will not develop Akwa Ibom State, God would’ve revealed to me that he will be a man that will abandon the Four Point Sheraton hotel in Ikot Ekpene LGA that would’ve employed over 300 Akwa Ibomites.

“God would’ve revealed to me that he will be a man who will abandon the Hilton at Tropicana in Uyo that would’ve employed over 500 Akwa Ibomites. God would’ve also revealed to me that he will be a man who will Start up Eket Sport Stadium at his LGA (Onna) and abandon it to build a Lodge in Lagos State.

“When the wind comes, no one can stop the wind and APC is coming as the wind which no man can stop. I am hereby asking the same ‘OnlyGod’ to replace this man with someone who will take Akwa Ibom State to a level higher than where I left it instead of taking Akwa Ibom State back to where it was when I became the Governor of Akwa Ibom State.”

In a sift reaction, Governor Udom Emmanuel said no man can play God. He maintained that he had given due respect to the distinguished Senator but cannot accord him the place of God in his life.

The Governor boasted that he was comfortable even before he ventured into politics compared to some political “gods” who according to him, could now, afford basic needs of life because of politics.In his words, “there is a great difference between those who used night bus & those who used chartered plane from Lagos.”

It is on record that the slogan for the 2015 campaign which ushered in Udom Emmanuel was “let Godswill be done again,again and again.” This reference to “Godswill” (his first name) in the campaign slogan according to some thinkers, to a large extent, gave Senator Akpabio a pride of place and massaged his ego.

Our findings also revealed that Senator Akpabio has himself, adopted the slogan “Let Godswill be done again, again,again and again” for his re-election to the senate and is bent on making Governor Udom Emmanuel regret his refusal to follow his instructions especially as pertains to the campaign slogan.

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