Resident Takes Barr. Emma Udosen to the scoreboard, Check Out What he said

Judging from the performance of the Transition Committee Chairman and the past leaders of Abak LGA, Idongesit Uyo, who has lived most part of his life in the area took to his Facebook page to pour encomium on Barr. Emma Udosen, the man who has changed the face of Abak during his short stay in office

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MY ABAK STORY… ! How Dr. Emma Udosen transformed Abak 
I and my family came to Abak from Ika in the year 1989 and ever since then I have lived the best part of my life in Abak.
In fact, only of recent, i never knew anything about my Local Government of Origin being Ika because i only visited there during Christmas period, and will not have more than three days stay there.
I attended Abak International Nursery School, left there to Holy Family College, Oku Abak, Abak LGA before I left for University of Calabar. So when it comes to development in Abak LGA, I have seen it all or at least, i have seen part of it, being that I started my stay there quite early and was very young when the Late Ime Umanah was in charge of Abak. Apart from Ime Umanah, Dr. Emma Udosen is the best thing to have happened to the people of Abak in terms of development.
I was there when the military were in power, I was there in 1999 when power was returned to civilians. Barr. Ubom was elected as the Chairman, he handed over to Rev. Innocent Idiong who then handed over to the late Mr. Aniedi Udo. When Udo’s tenure elapsed, Mr. Joseph Ikpaisong took over.
Now, it should be noted that in between these elected officials were Transition Chairmen who handed over after election. Mr. Ikpaisong handed over to Dr. Emma Udosen who is still in Government as we speak.
In this part of the world, the position of a Transition Chairman is always seen as a norm of “come chop and go”. That’s because those favoured to be there always believed it as the system compensating them for either loosing an election or being loyal to the party. But the reverse is the case with Dr. Emma Udosen who from day one started unleashing his plans on the people of Abak who had for a long time lost hope in Governance.

Like I always say, Dr. Udosen never saw the position given to him as compensation but as an opportunity to touch lives positively which he has so far done.

Without talking anybody down or sounding insulting, none before Dr. Udosen has achieved what he has achieved in just two years even with limited resources and hatred from suppose stakeholders who feel intimated by his profile and age. I won’t blame them because anyone should be afraid of a man who is a high profiled lawyer and a PhD holder of his age.
He is a visionary leader who before entering government has outlined and strategised what he wants to achieve. I can remember him saying, “if I have seen even half of the money my predecessors saw, I would have so much developed this town”. It is one thing to have access to millions of Naira monthly and another thing to be able to use it to impact the people positively. Dr. Udosen has clearly shown that given much, he will deliver more.
Let me deliberate on some of the things I have seen in Abak that weren’t there before now.

1. PEACE IN ABAK: Having stayed in Abak for more than 20 years, I can authoritatively say that Abak under Dr. Emma Udosen is very peaceful. When last did you hear a gunshot in Abak? When last were you cornered and robbed? I had been cornered more than three times in Abak back then, my phones, wallet, wrist watch etc were seized at gun point. In the same Abak, armed robbers used to drop letters to people telling them they were visiting them at night, and they won’t fail to show up.
When last did they snatch your motorcycle or car? The above mentioned were regular occurance in Abak. But of recent, we have not heard such. I have been a victim, so I know what I am expressing here. He has made sure that the youths are gainfully employed thereby curbing crime. If you are aware of happenings at Ukanafun, Ika, Etim Ekpo etc, you will so gladly appreciate the efforts of Dr. Emma Udosen in Abak.

2. TILAPIA ISLAND: Tilapia Island has employed more than 100 indigenes of Abak LGA, while also making Abak a tourist and business zone to the world.
Where Tilapia is today used to be a dumping ground, rapist and arm robbers hideout. But Dr. Udosen in partnership with some private individuals turned it into world class relaxation spot. In 1999 no one saw anything good in where Tilapia is situated today. The idea of one man, can turn the world around.
3. Empowerment of market women and over 200 hundred youths daily:
This is another achievement of the Dr. Emma Udosen led Transition Government. Market women are empowered with loans and in some cases grants to continue doing business.
I was in Abak when market women were cursing those in the council. You will hear a market woman bitterly say “Ana adiok ino Chairman Abak, Nse aye ananam”? (God will punish the Local government chairman for doing nothing), but reverse is the case as we speak. He has visited them severally, empowered and encouraged them and also patronises them in their trade.
Youths that are the hope of tomorrow are daily empowered so as to control and curb crime in the Local Government as well. No wonder one can freely work the streets of Abak even at 12 midnight.

Before now, shops in Abak were closed before 8pm for fear of being attacked. But peace has returned to Abak.

4. FREE JAMB CLASSES: In order to encourage education and towing the line of free education as currently enjoyed in the state, the Transition Chairman organized a free Jamb Class for all the students residing in Abak irrespective of their local government of origin, state and nationality.
Throughout my stay in Abak, no government has done this(I Stand to be corrected) but being a lover of Education, Dr. Udosen organised the class free of charge with well trained teachers in all the subjects. The JAMB class also provided an employment opportunity to the teachers who were handsomely paid by the council.
5. FREE I. C. T CENTRE: Abak LGA is one of the Local government in the State with a free ICT and it’s Dr. Udosen and his team that made this possible. Again, this is the first time a Transition Chairman will take ICT important and even making it free of charge.
After my secondary school and while waiting for admission, I paid N10,000 to learn computer as at year 2004 but today, Abak people are learning it free of charge.
6. SHOPPING MALL: Dr. Udosen is turning Abak into a mega city. The abandoned former warders quarters has been turned into a multi million naira shopping mall.
When completed, it will be one of a kind in this part of the world. While growing up in Abak, the quarters was an Ikenga, mixture of sand and cement. It was a very useless building but Dr. Udosen has turned it into a shopping mall. It takes a man of wisdom to have done that. He pulled down the structures there and work is ongoing as we speak. {photo attached}
6. Taken delivery of transformers to communities:
This one needs no story. If you don’t have a transformer in your locality, contact the council under the leadership of Dr. Udosen and transformer will be send to your locality.
I remember staying for nine months in Abak without power simply because the transformer supplying power to school Road was faulty. The residents had to contribute money to buy a new transformer with no input from the government. It was so annoying seeing light elsewhere without enjoying it in your house. Under this administration, such occurrence is practically impossible.
7. Toilet and water in the old and new market:
Growing up in a family of three boys with a no nonsense woman as a mother, made me do what most girls cannot do. I fry garri, slice affang, cook all kinds of soup, go to the market thrice every week etc. There was no toilet, no water in both the old and new markets. Market men and women, buyers, visitors etc urinated and defecate where ever they like. You can imagine the smell. Those at the slaughter spent not less than N500 a day to buy water for their usage. I know what I am saying because I was a regular visitor. But as we speak, water is rushing in both markets courtesy of Dr. Udosen and his team.
He has been able to achieve all these with limited resources and a very hostile environment. Old men and women are not left out in this administration as they are placed on monthly stipends.
The youths are engaged in one thing or the other. The abandoned building at the secretariat is ready for commissioning. The building was started as far back as 1999 but Dr. Udosen has completed and will soon be ready for use.
My prayer is that may he seek for a higher position in life because Abak, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria and even the world needs him.