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Presenting the Junior and Senior Colleagues in Akwa Ibom Media Community



Uwakmfon Dan

I have carefully observed the trend of things within the Media community in my own state Akwa ibom state. I have watched with admiration and at some point, with utmost dismay, the bearings of those i tag ‘junior’ and ‘senior’ colleagues. Truth is, you’re never by the sideline, you’re, at some point, either a junior and/or senior colleague. That said! Let me attempt, in brief, a presentation of the junior and senior colleagues in Akwa Ibom media community. The ‘community’ contextually, are the ‘scribes’ (that’s where my interest lies). After reading, examine within, the kind of colleague you are. Lest I forget, the opinions presented here, are entirely mine.
There exist two kinds of ‘junior colleagues’ in Akwa Ibom media community. The first are those who feel they’ve arrived already, those who try to measure up with the ‘grey hairs’. They are cocky, proud, pompous, very noisy, and have no respect for seniority. At any point, these ‘busybody’ junior colleagues are not submissive, they are attention seekers, unruly and will never play by the rules. Assign them a simple task and watch them mess up.
The second kind of ‘junior colleagues’, are those who are willing to learn, those who are willing to be mentored, and those who don’t see ‘corrections’ as ‘insults’. They allow themselves to be moulded for excellence and they ask questions about ‘what is done, when and how it is done.’ They are humble, focused and result oriented.
On the other hand, there are two kinds of ‘senior’ colleagues. The first are those who feel you’ll outshine them, those who block opportunities for their ‘junior colleagues’. Usually, they do not correct, neither do they wish to see you grow, all they do, is find fault and talk you down. Rather than encourage and inspire you, these senior colleagues pick on your weaknesses and paint a picture of a ‘never do well’ junior colleague. They are rude, crude, boastful, self-centered and discriminatory.
The second kind of ‘senior colleagues’, are those who encourage, advise, inspire, scold with love and criticise their ‘junior colleagues’ and they do so, constructively. They derive joy seeing their younger comrades grow, they mentor their subordinates, do follow follow-ups and put them in the limelight. They read your articles regularly and advise you on areas you should improve. These brand of senior colleagues are sincerely accommodating, and all they desire, is to see others get better by the day.
Additionally and perhaps, conclusively, the ‘first kind’ of junior colleagues, are those who need close supervision and immediate attention by those they’re serving under. Suggestively, heads of the Industry in the State should organise regular training programmes and set up mentorship platforms, not only to groom them, but change their seemingly parochial mindsets. Believe me, the future of the community in our State, may soon be at stake (if it’s not already), if these set of colleagues are not attended to and on time.
For the first kind of senior colleagues, they have gone through several training programmes, coupled with their years of experience and should know the right path to toe. In that case, I solicit divine intervention, for the “change” we need.
Uwakmfon Dan
Dec. 23, 2017
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Seadogs urges federl govt to declare herdsmen terrorists




The Nigerian Association of Seadogs, also known as Pyrates, has called on the Federal Government to declare and treat herdsmen in the country as terrorists.

The group explained that declaring cattle herders in Nigeria terrorists had become imperative following their activities that had led to the death of scores of Nigerians.

NAS President, Arthur Boje, who made the call during a medical outreach organised by the association at Oro-Ochiri community in Rebisi town, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, said herdsmen were also responsible for the sacking of some communities in the country.

The medical outreach was part of the association’s programme to mark its Quarter 2 Pyrates Working Committee meeting.

Boje said, “We are not happy with the killings going on in parts of the country. There is no way you will be satisfied when your brothers and sisters are killed senselessly and the government is not doing enough to save the situation.

“What those herdsmen are doing is orchestrated. It is tactically planned. These are people that have infiltrated into the country, aided by some people on the ground and also sponsored by people here.

“They are terrorists and the Federal Government should treat them as such. They are not herdsmen; they are professional killers brought from outside into the country to cause havoc.”

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SIDE CHIC! Why Ladies Find A Man More Attractive Once They Get To Know He Is Married




By Mfreke Udonkang 
In this era of side chics and slay queens, cheating has seemingly been on a fast rise.
A recent study found that women actually find a man more attractive once they find out that he is married or has a girfriend.
Although this might not go down so well with a handful of people, but like they say, the truth is usually bitter.
The question that might come to an average person’s mind is why it is so – well, it is because according to the study, most of these women think that married men are more likely to be kind and faithful.
The outcome of the findings was following an experiment which tested the notion of “mate-choice copying”, which is seen in female birds and fish.
It can offer an evolutionary advantage by boosting their chances of finding a good sexual partner.

Researchers asked 49 female volunteers to rate men’s faces, men’s hands and a piece of art, but when they were shown others’ ratings and asked again, they moved 13 per cent closer to the average facial score and 14 per cent closer to the average art rating.
Research leader, Dr. Kate Cross, from the University of St Andrews, said: “Women appear to copy the mate preferences of other women, but this might simply be because humans have a general tendency to be influenced by the opinions of others.”

While this might birth a whole new debate, it is pertinent to know that quite a handful of women are comfortable with the ‘side chic’ tag and do not care whose ox is gored.
In fact, it has become a trend that the society has decided to embrace since it appears there is nothing that can be done about it.
Some say it is part of the dividends of westernization whereas so many others believe it is just a thing of choice.
Whichever one, it is always safest to stick with one partner.
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Unemployment In Nigeria: Has it Affected Your Family Too?




By Mfreke-Abasi Udonkang

Mfreke-Abasi Udonkang 
High rate of unemployment in Nigeria is no longer a topic for debate as the obvious truth is seen in most families in the country especially those without connections and ‘long legs’. The country undoubtedly has been hijacked by the political elites and men/women of substances in high places. These are the people who believe they own the country, therefore, they channel every good thing in the country to themselves including the topic at hand: employment leaving others, the poor and average citizens gasping for breathe for survival in the same country. What a country! 

While those in the families of the political elites may not experience one unemployed individual in their immediate and extended family, others in the poor and average families have stockpile of family members unemployed or in some cases underemployed (but that is a topic for another day).
For example in my family, I would use both immediate and extended family to draw my points. Over 85-90% of my family members are currently unemployed. Most of them are graduates in different fields while some are not. These are people under the age of 45. Some graduated from tertiary institutions many years ago with nothing to engage on till now. This however has left me to wonder what the future holds especially for me as I am in university at the moment. God forbid, I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where older ones are. I repeat, God forbid!!! 
Figuratively, i can count 20 vibrant young men under the age 45 unemployed in my immediate and extended family. I can also count at least 20 women under this same age range (married or single) unemployed. Mind you, most of these people are graduates. 
I know people would say, entrepreneur is the solution to the situation, but most of these people can’t even have access to N100k to start something. How do they start then with nothing as capital in their hands? Secondly, if the said entrepreneur is that reliable, how come the political elites not encouraging their children and loved ones to subscribe to it but would rather secure gainful employments for them in high places and then resort to advising the poor and average citizens to embrace entrepreneur? 
This piece can serve as a poll/platform for Nigerians to pour out the unemployment situations in their respective families for the world to see what is going on in the country called Nigeria. Who knows, these political elites may pause to have a rethink after reading the unfortunate situations going across the country. 
Lastly, as a question, how is the unemployment situation in your family? What is the way forward? 
Let’s tell the world and chart a new course. We can’t continue like this. Not at all!!!
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Pastor Adeboye is not God – Barr Inibehe Effiong




Outspoken Lagos based lawyer blast critics again

If you want to incur the maximum wrath of a typical Nigerian, speak against his General Overseer or Daddy GO (spiritual leader) or his political leader. The way these religious leaders are venerated gives the impression that God has Nigerian pastors as deputies, who can command the day to turn to night.

Some people are incandescent with rage over my response to Pastor Adeboye’s scandalous involvement in the foundation stone laying ceremony of the so-called international worship centre initiated by governor Udom Emmanuel.

The Chairman of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly Committee on Information, Mr. Ime Okon, stated that the project will cost N10 billion.

Some commentators felt that I should have insulated Daddy Adeboye from my “furious commentary”. I couldn’t have excused the role of the head of the Redeemed Christian Church. He is part of the shenanigans.

Those who are conversant with Akwa Ibom know that Adeboye is a regular guest of governor Udom Emmanuel. It is deceitful for some people to pretend that Adeboye’s ill-motivated action was isolated. We need to know the interest of Adeboye in Akwa Ibom State?

Adeboye cannot be going about giving false legitimacy to the brazen criminality and atrocious actions and policies of the Akwa Ibom State Governor and expect some of us to salute him simply because he is venerated by his members and followers. It cannot work that way.

The prophets of old, the Biblical prophets who served the living God, were never accustomed to wining and dining with political leaders, especially corrupt and bad leaders. On the contrary, they were known for speaking truth to power and delivering blistering messages to the Kings and the people to repent of their evil ways.

Prophets Nehemiah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel were not friends of Kings. These were men that God used to deliver strong messages to corrupt leaderships.

Remember Prophet Nathan who stopped King David from building a Temple and rejected his bribes? God is not mocked. The God who called Prophet Nathan is still God and Has not changed.

Today, corrupt politicians depend largely on our Daddy GOs to validate their imbecilic, despotic and corrupt actions. Let Pastor Adeboye stay away from the government of Akwa Ibom State. As long as he continues to dance with people like Udom Emmanuel, some of us will continue to take him to the cleaners.

Adeboye is not God, at least not my God. Those invoking curses over my viral article should know that I am not perturbed in any way. Only God Almighty can determine my life on this earth. Jesus Christ was repeatedly challenged in the Temple and He never invoked death on His critics.

Stop telling me about the “touch not my prophet” scripture. You cannot appropriate the scripture selfishly the way you like. Let Adeboye demonstrate to some of us with his actions that he is the Lord’s anointed and the Lord’s prophet by emulating the prophets of old.

As a citizen of Nigeria, I will continue to express myself on issues that affects me no matter whose ox is gored. We will never be intimidated.

The revolution will continue.

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It is becoming clearer by the day, that the Nigerian  government headed by President Mohammadu Buhari is a basket case.  The Presidency has woefully failed in its core constitutional responsibility to protect the lives and properties of Nigerians. This is due largely to the refusal of the President and Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Repubublic of Nigeria, the Chief Security Officer of the Federation to effectively confront and tackle the criminal activities of the dreaded Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association for the overall good of the country.

Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association is the group that is responsible for the genocide that is currently going on in the country especially in the the middle belt region and some parts of Southern Nigeria. The association is made up of militant Fulani herdsmen from the Northern part of the country, a group that has been named by The Global Terrorism Index as the fourth deadliest terror group in the world. 95 percent of their attacks target private citizens, reflecting the group’s primary concern over the ownership of farmlands.

In spite of the unremitting calls by concerned citizens of the country, on the government to arrest, investigate and prosecute the leaders of this group, who openly admitted to the killings in Benue State, the President is studiedly  dillydallying on it for reasons best known to him and thereby indicted himself of having compromised the security of Nigerians.

As a result of the studied silence and inaction on the part of the President, who is of the fulani extraction and who also has a verifiable historical antecedents of being an ethnic bigot, so many people in the country especially the Christians are of the opinion that President Buhari has an agenda of islamizing the whole country and this line of thinking is strengthened against the backdrop that all the security arms and agencies in the country are headed by the Fulani moslems, the Northerners, in flagrant violation of Section 14 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria  (As Amended ). 

Section 14 (3) of the Constitution provides thus: ” The Composition of the Federation or any of its agencies and the conduct of its affairs shall be carried out in a such a manner as to reflect the federal character of Nigeria and the need to promote national unity, and also to command national loyalty, thereby ensuring that there shall be no pre-dominance of persons from a few state or from a few ethnic or sectional groups in that Government or any of its agencies.”   This is a provision of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which the president swore to uphold. This violation, an impeachable offence is curiously overlooked by the National Assembly.

The federal government in contradistinction to its responsibilities is rather mounting pressure and arm- twisting the state governments and seeking to grab land from them for the purpose of establishing cattle colonies for agricultural development, which responsibility is clearly within the purview of the various state governments.

In the context of Nigerian federalism, Exclusive Legislative List is the list on which matters over which only the federal government can legislate are enumerated. This is contained in Part 1 of the Second Schedule of the 1999 Constitution. There are 68 of such matters.

Concurrent Legislative List on the other hand implies the list that bears the matters over which both the federal and state governments  can exercise legislative authorities. It is contained in Part 2 of the same Second Schedule of the 1999 Constitution. 

Items 17 – 20 of the Concurrent Legislative List provides for Industrial, Commercial or Agricultural Development. For the purpose of clarification, I reproduce the aforementioned provisions thus: 

17. The National Assembly may make laws for the Federation or any part thereof with respect to-

                 (a)  the health, safety and welfare of person employed  to work in factories, offices or other premises or in inter-state transportation and commerce including the training, supervision and qualification of such persons;                                

(b)  the regulation of ownership and control of business enterprises throughout the Federation for the purpose of promoting, encouraging or facilitating such ownership and control by citizens of Nigeria;  

(c)  the establishment of research centres for agricultural studies; and 

(d)  the establishment of institutions and bodies for the promotion or financing of industrial, commercial or agricultural projects.

18.  Subject to the provisions of this Constitution a House of Assembly may make Laws for that State with respect to industrial, commercial or agricultural development of the State.

19.  Nothing in the foregoing paragraphs of this item shall be construed as precluding a House of Assembly from making Laws with respect to any of the matters referred to in the foregoing paragraphs.

20.  For the purposes of the foregoing paragraphs of this item, the word “agricultural” includes fishery.

From the clear wordings of the paragraphs above on these items, it could be seen that matters pertaining to agricultural development are the exclusive preserve of the various state governments and the federal government therefore has no business with agricultural development except the establishment of research centres, institutions and bodies for the purposes of promoting or financing industrial, commercial or agricultural projects and so far, there are no conflicting laws of the federal and state governments in this respect for one to argue and insist that the law of the federal government should supersede and prevail. From the foregoing, it stands to  reason also that the yearly allocations in the federal budget for livestock development are always in error and an advertisement of the state of impoverishment of the knowledge of the laws of the country on the part of  those charged with the responsibility of making the budget.

Additionally, the federal government doesn’t own any land for the purpose of establishing cattle colonies for Fulani Cattle Breeders. The only land owned by the federal government and which undoubtedly is not for agricultural development is all the land within the 100 metres limit of the 1967 shoreline and all land reclaimed near the lagoon, sea or ocean in or bordering Nigeria, as provided by the LANDS ( TITLE VESTING, ETC) ACT OF 1993. Other than this land, every land comprised in the territory of every state is vested in the Governor of that state. The various state governments in that wise will be in order to establish cattle colonies or ranches for interested cattle rearers  in their states. 

Cattle rearing and business should not be seen or taken and can never ever be the exclusivity of the Fulanis. If anything, it shouldn’t even be their vocations as long as they can not afford to have fodder all year round in their capacities for their cattle. 

I am bewildered that the President and his Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development have refused to understand that Cattle rearing is a private business, that anyone with the requisite interest, knowledge and resources can freely venture into it, the same way one can engage in arable farming, vegetable farming, fruit farming, pig and poultry farming. These farmers do it on their private capacities and it is nonsensical to give the Fulanis herdsmen any preferential treatment simply because they are terrorists. They should rather be treated as terrorists and not pampered.

All hail the  Land Use Act. By its Section 1, all land comprised in the territory of each state of the Federation of Nigeria is vested solely in the Governor of the state and not President Buhari nor Mr Audu Ogbeh. The  Governor holds such land in trust for the people. He is responsible for the allocation of land in all urban areas to individuals resident in the state and to organizations for residential, agricultural, commercial and other purposes while similar powers are with respect to non-urban areas conferred on the Local Governments. The Act also makes provision to the effect that there can not be any compulsory acquisition of land except same is required for overriding public interest and such interest must be for the public purpose which include exclusive Government Use or general public use. It also include purposes in connection with economic, industrial or agricultural development,See Section 51 of the Act.

It is not in doubt therefore that the proposal by the federal government to open cattle colonies in parts of the Federation amounts to executive lawlessness. It is trite law that where the executive acts without the backing of the law,  and such acts which are actions or omissions are ultra vires the Constitution.

I am sure there is no President except President Buhari and no  State Governor except the likes of Governor Bello of Kogi State that can consciously cede any part of its territory to a terrorist group that is openly  spitting fire and talking tough all the time. 

The various state governments should be abreast with the laws of the land and also brace up to defend their territories against these invading terrorists in the guise of cattle rearers.  The State Governors as the Chief Security Officers of their states have every right to defend their territories. The soldiers have refused to help, they are now used as security guards and toll collectors manning roadblocks in the Southern part of the country. The policemen are raring and fast turning themselves into loaders at the motor parks. What a colourful shame!

If the government is sincere and must succeed in its drive to diversify the economy, it is high time some form of Farmers Defence and Security Guards were set up. Such formations would not be in contravention to Section 214 of the 1999 Constitution. That provision of the Constitution doesn’t preclude the state governments from setting up security agencies in the similitude of the Police, provided it is not a Police  Force. Section 214 (1) only provides that:  “There shall be a Police Force  for Nigeria, which shall be known as the Nigeria Police Force, and subject to the provisions of this section no other police force shall be established for the Federation or any part thereof.” If Section 214 of the Constitution doesn’t preclude the establishment of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps because the Corps is not seen as a Police Force which it is not, then something  in the similitude of the NSCDC could be established by the various state governments to defend the farmer population in cases of threat to their lives and properties.

The Act establishing the NSCDC in its Section 3 provides for the functions of the Corps. Section 3  provides : “The Corps shall-

      (a)  assist in the maintenance of peace and order and in the            protection and rescuing of the Civil Population during the period of emergency”, and its Section 29 defines ” Period of emergency” to include any period of disorder or unrest and environmental or structural disaster. 

In these days of unprovoked attacks against the farming communities, with such violence that causes reasonable apprehension of death and grievous bodily harm, in addition to criminal trespass and malicious damage to farmlands, farm settlements and farm produce, it is absolutely necessary and  incumbent on the various state governments to rethink self-preservation for these farmers. The doctrine of self-defence is applicable in our criminal jurisprudence and the law is trite that a man about to be attacked does not have to wait for his assailant to strike the  first blow or fire the first shot, circumstances may justify a pre-emptive strike. Under the Common Law, the courts have equated the defence of others with the prevention of crimes. The courts in this  regard have held for instance that a woman would be justified in using reasonable force when it was necessary to do so in defence of her sister, not because they were sisters but because ” there is a general liberty as between strangers  to prevent a felony.”  

Under the Nigerian Criminal Code, whenever it is lawful for any person to  use force in any degree for the purpose of defending himself against an assault, it is lawful for any other person acting in good faith in his aid to use a like degree of force for the purpose of defending such first-mentioned person.  Self-defence  is the use of force to protect oneself, one’s family, or one’s property including farmlands, farm settlements and farm produce from real or threatened attack.

The state governors in equipping  the officers and men of such outfits for the purpose of carrying  out their functions, may require to invent and use some other farm tools and implements in addition to the usual farm tools or other mechanical tools of some other nature which may come within the definition of a firearm, in respect of such other tools in order to fall within the exemption envisaged by  Section 37 (c) of The FIREARMS ACT, LFN, CAP F28, 2004.

It is high time the various state governments rose up to the defence of their territories as the Chief Security Officers of their various states and the time to act is now.

Uyoakam Ekerete, Esq

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