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Nsima Ekere: The Initiator Of His Woes

By Umani Uwemedimo

The March 2019 gubernatorial election where Obong Nsima Ekere lost woefully is a tale of a self-inflicted disaster. Because of pride, Nsima had underrated everyone and everything, this act paved an avenue where his political career was ended abruptly

Nsima Ekere after he was sacked as the MD of NDDC, came back to Akwa Ibom State with no positive strategy of winning election. The only strategy he hoped to have employed was the deployment of Militants and hired assasines into the State for his election. He failed to realize that it’s only the people of Akwa Ibom State that can elect him as governor of same State.

Just like the Super Eagles players who despised team work and went mad because of the $25,000 that was pledged to each goal scorer, Nsima Ekere aberrantly became mad, neglecting the powers of his people because of his financial endowment and closeness to the Presidency. Instead of using some fraction from the NDDC stolen funds to stage street-street campaigns toward rooting his popularity in the grassroot, Nsima took N950m to purchase a bullet-proof Mercedes Benz which was to be used by his hired Militants in recking havoc to the electorates.

What I’ll never forget in a hurry is the fact that Nsima Ekere was the first politician to stage night campaigns. He spent the day hours lobbying for an access to the President, and at night, he’ll nicodemusly meander his way back to Akwa Ibom to stage night campaigns. There’s nothing you would postulate, workers of darkness would always identify with the spirit of darkness.

When he finally discovered that almost everyone in Abuja was using him to enlarge his financial coast, Nsima dumped the Abuja connection, relocated his arsenals to Uyo where some folks were made rich overnight. Nsima had declared himself the governor of Akwa Ibom State even before election.

Because he was able to lobby Senator Akpabio to APC, Nsima Ekere ignorantly believed that with Akpabio, Umana Okon Umana, Senator Ita Enang, Senator John James Akpanudoedeghe, Don Etiebiet, the Abuja Connection, Adams Oshiomole, APC and the Presidency, he is a governor awaiting inauguration. Never did he know these men are men who never won elections on their own. This was the case of the Super Eagles players that had transported their families to Cairo, made some orders, and also made new haircuts ahead of the AFCON finals they were yet to qualify for. Indeed ignorance is a disease and in this case, it’s worst than any other disease.

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For it is written, ” whoever God want to punish, He must first make him mad”. Nsima Ekere brain became incapacitated that he failed to recall the saddening event that led to his fall in 2013. He forgot to recall the same faces that plotted his downfall and pushed him into the pit. He also failed to understand that outside Akpabio who had tagged him a criminal then, others are from Uyo Senatorial District and cannot stand the chance of missing the Governorship slot in 2023. They dug a pit for him and ignorantly, he fell inside, strengthening their pocket ahead of Uyo gubernatorial race in 2023.
Like they always say, ” the first fall is not a fall, but the second fall is a total calamity”, ignorance and pride have smoothen Nsima’s journey to calamity. ” Once beaten but twice shy”. Nsima Ekere will never learn, but how did he managed to acquire all his certificates?

Because he saw himself as the governor, Nsima went ahead to station a campaign office few meters to the Government House, Uyo. He purchased four new heavy Police bikes, and each time he’s going for an event, these bikers would move ahead of him, stopping movement of other vehicles on the road. In some cases, people who refused to be subjected to this cruelty were highly brutalised, some arrested and charged for assassination attempt. Imagine the caliber of governor Nsima Ekere would have made. All these were efforts to underrate and also undermine his State governor. He didn’t know he was digging his pit with his hands.

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Nsima Ekere’s woeful lost to Gov. Udom Emmanuel in the election is nothing but a tale of pride and overconfidence. He underrated the governor and people of the State thinking they’re all inconsequential in as much as his election was concern. Never did it play to him that these people were champions, and that the Uyo people who were dancing before him were drinking London Campari with his skull.
Truly speaking, Nsima Ekere was the initiator of his woes.