List of aircrafts hired for APC presidential campaign flag-off in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state

1) 5N-FGS – NAF (Embraer)
2) 5N-BMT – Gyro Air (Challenger)
3) T7-BOO – Gyro Air (Challenger)
4) 5N-SYS – Azman Air (Boeing)
5) N6-05TA – Jad Air (Challenger)
6) T7-AAK – Matrix (G/S)
7) 5N-BLG – Aero Contractors (Boeing)
8) 5N-FGN – NAF (Challenger)
9) 5N-PZE – TNX Air (Challenger)
10) 5N-PPH – Executive Jet (Challenger)
11) NIODEK – Sky Power (Challenger)
12) Ferry Aviation – N70UK (Challenger)
13) Protroinest – N4045A (G/S)
14) Sky Power – 5NBVR (Challenger)
15) Empire Aviation – VP-CBT (G/S)
16) Executive Jet Service – 5N-DSN (G/S)
17) Executive Jet – T7-A00 (Embraer)
18) Nigeria Police – 5N-BLG (Chopper)
19) NAF – 5N-NFR (Chopper)
20) Izy Air – 5N-IZY (Challenger)

They said it was a South-South Zonal campaign but they brought over 20 aircrafts loaded with APC members across the 36 states of the country plus FCT, yet they could not fill a common 30,000 capacity stadium. They should have also imported people with the 2 trains, 10 coaches they procured through the Lagos-Calabar coastal rail they have completed. Oh, they didn’t see any ship to load people, too?

By the way, I can authoritatively confirm that many of those who came with buses were stranded and had to sleep along the gutters of Edet Akpan Avenue last night. SO, IF ANY OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBER OR LOVED ONE HAS BEEN MISSING SINCE YESTERDAY, PLEASE, RUSH TO EDET AKPAN AVENUE FOR IDENTIFICATION AND COLLECTION. Thank you.

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