Is AKEES Toothpick Factory A Big Deal?


Part 5

When I see people condemn AKEES toothpick factory, I see it as an outright display of ignorance or obsession about criticism.

Anyone with a fair knowledge of demand and supply will understand the economics of toothpick factory in a country that spends about N10m on importation of toothpicks.

Data sourced from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed that Nigeria imported wooden toothpicks worth N11.46 million from China in 2016. This value excluded the amount spent on the import of rubber toothpicks, which are not too popular among Nigerians.

For Nigeria to spend that much on toothpick importation, apparently, there is a huge demand for toothpicks.

Being an intelligent Governor that thinks like a business man, Governor Udom Emmanuel took advantage of the situation and created a supply to meet the demand “common” toothpicks has triggered not just in Akwa Ibom but Nigeria at large.

With the establishment of the Tootpick Factory, our bamboo trees that were overgrown and somewhat useless are now a source of livelihood for people that supply the factory with bamboo for the production of toothpicks.

“Toothpick factory is too demeaning to be listed as a government project”.
How many toothpick factories have you set up as an individual?

“We have updated to Dental Floss”
With such millions spent on importation of toothpicks, it doesnt look like the 21st century Nigerians have outgrown toothpicks?

While you waste your time wailing about toothpick and pencil factory, Governor Udom’s name is second on the list of Governors that attracted investors to this country.

My vote and support is for a man who has risen to the faith of our resources beyond what shallow and myopic minds see, a man whose integrity, ingenuity and style of governance has brought wealth to Akwa Ibom/Nigeria through Foreign Direct Investments.


By Aniebiet Francis

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