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Here are 7 passive income streams you can create today



If you only have 1 income stream, you’ll never be truly wealthy.

1. Dividend Income

Invest in dividend generating stocks to earn extra cash. Most often, dividends are a pretty stable form of income, even during a recession.

But don’t fall for stocks that offer excessive dividends.

Do your research before you invest.

2. Rental Income

Buy a property and convert it to a rental property. Find the right renters and start collecting monthly passive income.

While you earn extra cash, your property will also likely appreciate in value.


3. Side Hustle Income

While you work a 9-5, build a side hustle to earn extra cash.

You could:

– Teach a skill
– Provide a service
– Create & sell products

Take a few hours every day to become a sidepreneur.

4. Interest Income

Make money from interest income from assets like:

– Bonds
– Savings accounts

You make passive interest income over the long term.

5. Royalties

Royalties are a passive income stream you can earn YEARS into the future.

You can make passive $$$ with royalties by:

– Writing eBooks
– Creating a patent
– Developing content

6. Business Income

If you want to stack the odds in your favor, then become a business owner.

In fact, 88% of millionaires are self-made entrepreneurs.

Build a business on your own.

Put in the energy and time.

Be consistent with your efforts.

7. Capital Gains

Invest in appreciating assets that will gain value over time.

Examples include:

– Real estate
– Collectibles
– Classic cars

Buy and hold for the long term to make more money.

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How To Activate Cheaper Subscription on MTN




Cheaper subscription on mtn

1. Always ON

This gives you;
15gb for 3k or
45gb for 6k

This plan gives you a specific amount of data per day, if you exhaust it, you will have to wait till the next day or you improvise by subscribing for another data plan.
For the 45gb for 6k, MTN gives you 1.5gb daily for 30 days. That means at 12am everyday, you get a data topup if 1.5gb. if you exhaust this 1.5gb, your browsing will stop except you subscribe to another plan.

If at the end of the day, you couldn’t finish the 1.5gb, it will be rolled over and added to the next days plan. Example if you used 900mb today, you’ll have a balance of 600 mb remaining, by tomorrow when 1.5gb is added, you’ll have a total of 2.1gb.
The same goes for 3k for 15gb plan, but it’s 500mb daily not 1.5gb.

Dial *312# reply with 1 ( data plans)
Then reply with 5 (Always ON)
You can then subscribe with your airtime.
A simpler short cut is *312*1*5#

2. One hour bundle:
If you have heavy files or movies you want to download, instead of tarrying in the night for night subscription, use this one hour bundle to download your files.
200 naira gives 2gb for 1 hour
500 naira gives 5gb for 1 hour
1000 naira gives 10gb for 1 hour.

It is better you do 200 naira plan, incase your network is poor or you have other distractions, and you can re-subscribe within the hour if you exhausted the 2gb. You can also roll over this plan with 24hours by subscribing to the same plan again if it expired on you and you didn’t exhaust it.
Dial *312*1*10# then subscribe with your airtime.

3. Data plans for you

This plan isn’t for all lines, as MTN gives data allocation at their discretion.

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EARCOM charges Communities to protect public infrastructure 




Communities, Village, and Clan councils have been charged to devise effective security strategies to protect public infrastructure and prevent vandalisation of public assets by criminal elements in the society.

Head of Media and Advocacy Unit of the Akwa Ibom State Ethical and Attitudinal Reorientation Commission, EARCOM, Rev. Osondu Ahirika, gave the charge whilst addressing Youth leaders and representatives of Use Offot Community on the restoration of electricity following four months of power outage due to vandalisation of the transformer that services the area.

Speaking on behalf of Dr Dorothy Thompson, Executive Chairman of EARCOM, Ahirika, warned vandals to desist from their criminal enterprise, which he observed, poses serious threats to public safety, economic prosperity and undermines social stability.

EARCOM stressed that the activities of vandals who loot and scavenge on public infrastructure, including power installations, oil pipelines, ict facilities, metal slabs on roads, drainages and bridges, decorations and other accessories in public buildings, are not only acts of socio-economic sabotage, but pose potent dangers to the environment and livelihood of the people.

Rev. Ahirika stressed that while EARCOM will continue to create awareness campaigns on the menace, leaders of host communities should mobilise and sensitise the people on the need for collective responsibility in preservation of public infrastructure while collaborating with the security agencies to tackle vandals.

EARCOM accordingly called on village councils at the grassroots to join forces and put in place solid measures to eradicate the activities of vandals while ensuring that apprehended culprits are handed over to law enforcement agencies and brought to book.

Responding, Mr Cyril David, a Youth activist in the community, agreed that the importance of public infrastructure to the welfare of the people and development of the society cannot be overemphasized.

Describing the consequences of vandalisation of public infrastructure as ominous, Mr David said the charge of EARCOM is apt and will be implemented by the Community to checkmate the operation of vandals.


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