Family Involved In A Fatal Accident At Police Checkpoint, Officers Flee

A family was involved in a fatal accident in the early hours of today while travelling to the village. It was gathered that the man who arrived Nigeria recently from abroad, was travelling with his wife, two sons and his siblings to the eastern part of the country before the unfortunate incidence.

According to GB Onitilo, the family members were stopped by the police on Otedola highway just before Berger at about 5.35 am on Saturday and they told the officers they were on their way to the village for the New Year.

While talking with the policemen at the checkpoint, a speeding vehicle rammed into their car from behind and wrecked havoc.

According to the eyewitness, the police officers allegedly fled the scene immediately after the accident.

The wife was killed in the crash as her body was brought out from under the vehicle while the husband’s left leg got crushed completely.

The children and others were unhurt as the wounded man was rushed to the hospital with the aid of emergency officials who arrived the scene on time.

The man is said to be okay and will be moved to another specialist hospital to attend to his limbs.

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