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Leaders of the Eastern Ibibio People Association have been advised to warn one of their sons, Senator Ita Enang to desist from incessantly making insulting, unwarranted and inciting comments against Governor Udom Emmanuel on the media.

These were some of the opinions of some leaders of the Akwa Ibom South (Eket) Senatorial District Assembly, during a visit by the Eastern Ibibio People Association to Eket last weekend.

The leader of the Eket Senatorial District Assembly, Chief Nduese Essien who hosted the delegation in his compound in Eket, told them that while they are free to agitate for their people to produce the next Governor in 2023, they should do so through peaceful persuasions, consultations and through prayers.

He reminded them that in 2012, when the people of Uyo Senatorial District appeared to have concluded plans to deprive Eket Senatorial District of the rights to get the 2015 slot, the Akwa Ibom South Senatorial Assembly was formed to galvanize support and cultivate people’s interests towards justice for the district.

While acknowledging that Eastern Ibibio People Association was on a good cause, the former federal Minister of Lands and Housing said that “it is not the duty of Eket Assembly leaders to agitate on micro zoning within Uyo Senatorial District.”

“We would advise that you people rather make more efforts towards convincing the other two federal constituencies in your Senatorial District to see reasons to support your position.

“Beyond agitating, you should be able to present credible aspirants that can easily get the support of Akwa Ibom people, because Akwa Ibom has gone past the stage were leaders were chosen to come and develop their areas only”, Chief Nduese Essien said.

On his part, a former Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Elder Ime Ekpoattai told the visiting delegation that every leader has his strengths and weaknesses, but they should warn their son Ita Enang to stop insulting the Governor.

Ekpoattai, whose wife previously represented Eket Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, said if Senator Enang couldn’t point at one thing he has achieved for his people in all his years in the federal government, he has no right to be insulting their son who is the Governor, as that could lead to withdrawal of support from Eket federal Constituency to Itu federal Constituency’s aspiration.

Also speaking further, Chief Obot Etukafia, pioneer Commissioner for Finance in Akwa Ibom State and Sir Okon Essang from Oron Federal Constituency, reminded the agitators from Eastern Ibibio that no victory comes easily, and warned them to remain peaceful in their agitations.

They were further advised by Sir Okon Essang to divorce any sefish intention from their movement and be sure they are not doing the bidding of any particular aspirant.

“When we campaigned for our district, we didn’t support any particular aspirant,but when Mr Udom
Emmanuel indicated interest, he was warmly braced by the entire state because he was the best from the other 22 contenders in 2015”, the added.

The Leader of the Eastern Ibibio People Association, Obong (Barr.) Eteyen Archibong claimed that their people in Itu, Ini, Ibiono and Ikono are heavily marginalised over the years and that they have never gotten an appointed Ambassador, a deputy governor and a governor since the creation of Akwa Ibom State hence Itu federal constituency should be favoured.

He claimed that being boundary local government areas, they protect the integrity and sovereignty of the state from external incursions, and deserved support for a shot at the Hilltop plum job.

“We are consulting you to get your support as we did for Eket Senatorial District in 2015. Do not listen to people who attempt to label anyone as a cultist. There is no more cultist in Akwa Ibom, the Governor had since banned Cultism”, they echoed.

While throwing their weight behind the Peace Movement, they said that without justice and fairness, there can’t be peace.

Obong (Barr.) Eteyen Archibong said one of the ways to address the marginalization problem of his area is to allow them produce a Governor in 2023.

Senatorial District consists of 3 Federal Constituencies. Etinan Federal Constituency produced Obong Akpan Isemin as Governor, Uyo Federal Constituency produced Obong Victor Attah, but Itu Federal Constituency had never produced a Governor. It will therefore be equitable to balance the Governorship position in this Senatorial District by zoning it to Itu Federal Constituency for even development.

“We are saying that, for the sake of equity, justice, fair play and peaceful coexistence, governorship seat should not go elsewhere in the Senatorial District apart from Itu Federal Constituency.

“We have come to you, to appeal, to seek your support. We are not violent, we are not fighting. We are simply saying that our brothers in Uyo and Etinan Federal Constituencies having tasted the office before should allow the people of Itu Federal Constituency the opportunity to also have a taste of power”. He stated.

Speaking separately, Dr. Nsima Edet, a former Chairman of Itu Local Government Area and Squadron Leader Effiong Benson, a retired Air force Officer, stated that, the four Local Government Areas have contributed immensely to the state, and should not be deprived.

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Remember My Heart When My Body Is Gone’ – Level 400 Student Dies Leaving Behind Mysterious Message



Final year students of the University of Ghana have been thrown into a state of shock and mourning as one of their mates has mysteriously died .
A level 400 student of Legon identified as Daniel Anane Wadie has passed on after leaving a mysterious message.

According to reports, the deceased, Daniel Anane Wadie wrote on his Whatapp status,“When my body is gone, remember my heart”before his sudden demise.

It is unknown what exactly led to his death but the report says he died at the Legon Hospital when he was seeking medical care.

Legon Hyper1 who goes by the name @Elormdeezy on Twitter reported about the sad incident on the micro-blogging site whilst some colleagues of him confirmed the report.

It is believed that Daniel Anane Wadie died on September 9th, 2021, a day before his final exams.

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This is to officially notify and very respectfully invite the public for the official premiere of the movie, LOVE AGAIN. Yes, that’s what it has been about, a movie, one that everyone must watch.

Love Again is a story of an “unexpected love” that turned out to become a “match made in heaven” with great lessons for our generation. The movie offers deep solutions and guide to our generation in our quest for TRUE LOVE. Everyone who watches this movie shall FALL in LOVE with LOVE.

Some details about the premiere are as follows:

Date: September 26, 2021
Time: 3 pm (Red carpet), 5pm (screening)
Venue: Silverbird Cinema, Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre, Uyo.
Dress Code: White/Red


Are you in search for LOVE AGAIN then do not miss this PREMIERE.


(subject to some terms and conditions)


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I expected that outing to be dramatic. So it was. After all in 2014, Oron and Ikot Abasi were epic centers of tragicomedies.

I love Obong Bassey Albert’s (OBA) style. Charming in distress. Courageous in ambush. A solo vocalist. A self style activist. Generous. Charismatic…

It is true to Maintain Peace, the State must be guided by Justice, Equity and Fairness. But should OBA be the falconer? Should he rightfully stir this hornet nest?

This tripod of Justice, Equity and Fairness -JEF is then an orphan. OBA has made JEF a pack of cosmetics. When you want to attract confused bachelors apply it. When your desires are met, wash it off.

Did OBA consider the wheel of JEF in 2014 when against known historical and political realities stake his seat as Commissioner of Finance for 7years to grab Governorship which was known to rotate to Eket Senatorial District after Uyo and Ikot Ekpene had taken “turns”?

Many things will work for OBA. Certainly not JEF. He would have had a popular appeal had he mobilized Akwa Ibom to the rescue of Oro Nation in 2014 or Eket at large.

Uyo Federal Constituency is bereaved, because OBA’s artillery crushed them in 2015 and 2019. They only had a shot once at the Senate 1999-2003. While Ibiono Ibom enjoys the pourri for 12years without recalling Justice, Equity or Fairness as it is now.

Since OBA could not,- which he could have – negotiate JUSTICE for Oro Nation; was not FAIR to Eket Senatorial District and had trespassed the compass of EQUITY for UYO Federal Constituency, his call for JEF, is too weak a solo for a desirous orchestra fit for multi- congregation of divergent interest.

This our OBA is in TINUBU kind of political bobby traps. OBA claims to have conceded to Eket Senatorial District before President Goodluck Jonathan. That must have been a personal negotiation, not party, certainly not binding on over 7million people. This is the implications:

•Justice did not appeal to him hence, the only person or authority that could appeal his ego was the President. By giving him GEJ, they robbed him a cliff to the anchor of a tripod – JEF- which he is in dire need now.

• Jonathan is no more the President. Certainly, not in charge of the political mercenaries or political structure of PDP.

•There is a name he omitted yesterday. That person like Jonathan, is no more in PDP. He may have facilitated that meeting with President Jonathan.

• In his claims yesterday, he mentioned Barr. Enoidem, Senator Akon Eyakeyin, Hammer( Enobong Uwa) as preachers of the gospel of Peace which he heeded in 2014. The question is, where these persons guarantors to OBA’s irrevocable succession of Akwa Ibom Hill Top Mansion 2023?

•Since His Excellency Mr Udom Emmanuel is the beneficiary of the peoples mandate in 2015, and nowhere, was his name mentioned, is he and other emerging stakeholders after that infamous political negotiations liable for a party they neither partook nor shared in the cocktail?

• It thus appears, the ASO ROCK medley was a win- win. OBA and AKPABIO became Senators; UDOM Governor. But has OBA raised questions about the fate of other 24 aspirants who were on 40 days and nights fruitless sojourn in Abuja? I wish he does. Empathy is a strategy.

OBA should wakeup. The game had long begun. Those who could not give him the least significant item as MPM FEZ CAP cannot trust him with a GEM as precious as SEAL OF THE GOVERNOR OF AKWA IBOM STATE.

Now that OBA has publicly committed himself to the philosophy of Maintain Peace Movement MPM, he should be mindful of the Donald Trump style politicking. It might make sense to the Republicans, but detested by Democrats and those indifferent. The consequences is for your guessing.

Like or hate him, he is a master of some political notes. He understands sentiments, grandstanding, phatic emotions, jilt, solidarity, religion as a political vehicle, manipulation etc. Above all he has a voice which he is confident.

However, the task ahead calls for more. The people he is up against are no toddlers. Can’t you see how they played along yesterday? He raised a chorus, they joined. He dived into worship, they were deep with him. He spoke, the listened. Where necessary, they concurred.

When he said I speak the minds of Ini Ememobong, Akan Okon, Henry Archibong, Ememobong Essien, Chairman Ibiono Ibom, was that exaggeration, emotional blackmail or manipulation for political gains?

If no one wears your cap, OBA wear it yourself. It’s fine like dat

But let’s Maintain Peace!

Ekomobong Peter
Writer|Observer|Commentator|Public Issue Analyst.

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