Akwa Ibom Guber race 2019: Sen. Akpabio,  Nsima Ekere and the foot soldiers of Armageddon

By Umani Uwemedimo F.

The battle of Armageddon according to biblical understanding is referred to as the final war between human governments and God. These governments and their supporters oppose God even now by refusing to submit to His rulership. Indeed we’ve as a matter of fact gotten mbio ekong Armageddon trying to lay siege of Akwa Ibom State ahead of 2019 gubernatorial election which in this context, is the final war between the Only God and the agents, generals and descendants of warsaw ( foot soldiers of Armageddon).

AccordIng to the Bible, the battle of Armageddon will bring human rulership to an end, the peaceful coexistence, unity and prosperity which has existed in the universe will also be tumbled, and indeed, it’s going to be moments of warsaw saw war realism, but in the case of Akwa Ibom gubernatorial election 2019, the reverse is will be the case: the peace, unity, effective/ impacting governance, industrialization, human capital development/ empowerment as well as prosperity will not be tempered with, as Akwa Ibomites will rise, striving earnestly to make sure the people’s mandate and peace is maintained even after the elections.

It’s also written that in the course of this resistance against the perpetrators of warsaw saw war intrusion, Jesus Christ will lead a heavenly army to victory over God’s enemies which today, we see them as agents and generals of warsaw in Akwa Ibom State. These enemies include those who oppose God’s authority ( Gov. Udom Emmanuel), and who treat God with contempt. They’re the same people who plays the God factor in our dear State, thinking without them, nothing could be: Sen. Akpabio, Nsima Ekere, et al. are case studies

Immediately after the defection of Sen. Akpabio from the Peoples Democratic Party into the Progressives some months back, we’ve witnessed a lot of saddening scenarios which has occurred in the state, the first which was the sporadic gun shots in Ukana by the APC hired combatants, and I believe was a coded message sent to the populace ahead of 2019 elections. This is one message some people may not have decoded, but the occurrence of subsequent scenarios is factual enough to ascertain the embodiment of the above happening.

In what had turned out as a swift self-indictment and confession as the sole instigator of the above anti-societal event, Sen. Akpabio said ” APC will capture Akwa Ibom State like the Hitler invasion of Poland. Warsaw will see war and war will see Warsaw in 2019″. This means the sporadic gun shots at Ukana that day was a mere fitness test by the foot soldiers of Armageddon ahead of the acclaimed impending invasion of the State in 2019 by Hitler, which would be more disastrous than the fitness test we all saw as a bad development. Ndito eka, this is desperation taken too far.

Barely a month ago, Sen. Akpabio during one of his meetings with some warsaw patriots had boasted that Udom Emmanuel can never win the 2019 gubernatorial election without him. ” if Udom Emmanuel should win the 2019 gubernatorial election, when I die, I shouldn’t be buried in Ukana”. No wonder Nsima Ekere had recruited more hired killers, sowing military uniforms for them so they could assassinate thousands of the PDP big names in the State. This is a strategy to enable them win the elections so Akpabio could be buried in Ukana, meanwhile we’re yet to be convinced of his true origination.

Akpabio in the above context is a true replication of Armageddon: he treats God, authorities and the laws of the land with contempt. He feels it would have been better if he was God where everything would be decided by him, so the need to impersonate God in Akwa Ibom State.

Few days ago, we’ve heard how some hired die-hard soldiers of Armageddon invaded the State House of Assembly with the help of men of Nigeria Police Force. Some of these foot soldiers were on fake army uniforms with AK47 which the aftermath of this event was their exposure by angry youths of the State at IBB way, Uyo. These assassins on fake army uniforms were arrested by men of the Nigerian Police Force, but were released after few hours without interrogation. Believe me, I saw more than 200 men on military uniforms in one compound at Lagos Street, Ewet Housing Estate Uyo before traveling to Owerri on Saturday. I wonder if that place had turned into Barracks, though their authenticity as military men is yet to be proven.

This is a clear indication that the Nigerian Police Force and the foot soldiers of Armageddon are working in pari pa su towards invading the State, cause chaos and mayhem on our indigents to enable the APC capture the State like it was promised by the warlord. To them, this is what the 2019 gubernatorial election is all about: war against humanity, peace, prosperity, industrialization, efficient/effective health sector, payment of civil servant’s salaries when due, effective/ quality education, employment and human empowerment.

All that the foot soldiers of Armageddon want is get us back to that system: a system where kidnapping and assassination were order of the day. A system where sleeping with all contestants before pageantry, and lavishing the State’s resources on prostitutes were order of the day. A system where uncompleted projects were commissioned and portrayed as fully completed projects. A system where mediocrity was allowed to dine on the table with kings. A system where Akwa Ibom State was named ” the most violent state” in Nigeria. A system where civil servants, especially Primary School teachers were regarded as valueless. A system where a place like church was no longer save for some people.

This are the era’s which they want to grab us back to, but we’ve got a choice to make, either to succumb or resist this retrogressing drift.

2019 gubernatorial election in the State will be quite different from every other gubernatorial elections we’ve had from the inception of Akwa Ibom as a democratically dependent State. You’ll not need to choose between one political party from the other, but you’ll need to make a choice that even after the elections, you could always be proud to be held responsible of its outcome either negative or positive.

Your vote Will serve as an invitation/ushering in of the next phase of the industralization drive of Gov. Udom Emmanuel, or the acceptance and ushering in of the foot soldiers of Armageddon where all of our strives to sustain the industrialization drive of His Excellency and wealth creation will be tumbled and eradicated.

2019, we will have to choose between kidnappings, assassinations, cult wars and the already existing peace we’ve enjoyed in the State from 29th May 2019 till date. Our vote will either serve as a supportive tool for the re-establishment of the previous act of embezzlement where our N28.6bn for a month allocation was a victim or as a supportive tool for proper accountability we’re experiencing in the Udom Emmanuel led administration. We’ll have to support the legal enforcement of fake cheques, fake contract papers, fake employment letters and reckless convoy that has killed more than 100 people for three years now, or support transparency, sincerity and a peaceful governance.

A vote for Gov. Udom Emmanuel is a vote for peace and prosperity. Let’s vote wisely.

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