A Man Has Every Right To Sleep With His Wife After Traditional Marriage

It is so ridiculous and shameful at the same time that in our society, people have become so religiously blind to the extent where our traditions no longer have the slightest of value, regard or relevance. It is this shameful disregard for customs and traditions that has made many Nigerians to have a picture of a day called ‘wedding night’. It is usually expected that a man and his wife should make love only after the wedding ceremony. That night after the wedding is usually seen as the ‘right time’ for loving making to take place between the couple. This practice is a symbol of cultural slavery among Africans!

For those who claim to profess Christianity even more than the missionaries, the Early Church headed by Simon Peter concerned itself with leading people to salvation and not to ordain or organise marriages. All marriages recorded in the Holy Book were done or consummated traditionally, according to the customs of the people; including the one Jesus attended in Galilee! This should clearly show the ‘religious zealots’ that marriage is more of tradition than religion.

White wedding as the name implies is for white people. It has never been a religious way of joining a man and a woman together; it is the cultural and traditional marriage practice among westerners. After all, the Jewish people have their customary way of getting married. Why did the Europeans and Americans not copy them? Africans readily accept alien practice pushed down to them without any slight resistance even if such practice makes mockery of their customs and traditions.

If a mother sends one of her children to go and wash plates and when that child is done with the task, she sends another one to re-wash the plates, it means the work of the first child is not good enough. This is what Africans indirectly tell the westerners: ‘Our marriage customs are not good enough; yours are better’.

A man has every right to sleep with his wife immediately after the bride price is paid and the traditional marriage rites are carried out. Same thing applies to the woman. Let us stop enslaving ourselves culturally. After traditional marriage, sex becomes a duty to be enjoyed and not a taboo!

We should learn from the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and the entire Asian continent who have succeeded in preserving their culture. Between white wedding and traditional marriage, the former is the alien one and should be seen and treated as such.

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