22 Things Governor Udom Will Not Do – By Tom FredFish

With the 2019 Akwa Ibom state governorship election drawing closer, the opposition APC for fear of defeat, recruited some witty guys to do black propaganda on social media with a basic mission of discrediting Governor Udom Emmanuel administration and projects, smear his name, reputation and run down his appointees. Their intention is to discourage Akwa Ibom people from reelecting him back to office in 2019.

However, their plans have failed because Akwa Ibom people have realized 22 things Governor Udom will not do as a politician:

1. Governor Udom will not KILL anyone to perpetuate himself in power. This is why there has not been any high profile murder since he assumed office in 2015.

2. Governor Udom will not LOOT or misappropriate Akwa Ibom money. The state finance is in the care of a very honest man who is challenged by the high rate of unemployment he met when he assumed office in 2015. His basic concern is how to utilize the little resource available to create employment and wealth for the people in line with his agenda rather than plunder the resources of the state as some political office holders did in the past.

3. Governor Udom will not OWE or HOLD back worker’s salaries. This is why Akwa Ibom workers are usually paid salaries as at when due because Governor Udom cares and takes workers welfare as his top priority.

4. Governor Udom will not be DESPERATE to win 2019 governorship election. This is why his strength lies only in God and Akwa Ibom people who believe he has done more than enough to deserve a second term in office.

5. Governor Udom will not BETRAY Akwa Ibom people if he wins a second term in office. Udom has integrity, so he can never take the mandate of the PDP given to him by Akwa Ibom people to another party whose foundation is laid on falsehood. He is principled and can stand any storm, no matter the pressure on him.

6. Governor Udom will not RESIGN from office because of rumour of impeachment. Governor Udom is not lily-livered like some politicians would do when faced with threat of impeachment. If (which is not possible) there is any notice of impeachment, Udom will face it accordingly and clear himself from all accusations because he believes that only the guilty would betray people loyal to him by resigning just because of a mere rumour of impeachment.

7. Governor Udom will not ASSOCIATE with people that previously called him murderer, thief, and kidnapper because he wants allies to help him grab power.

8. Governor Udom will not SUPPORT any cult related activities from any Akwa Ibom person or any of his appointees. That is why he proscribed cult and their activities in the state making the state safe, peaceful and inhabitable for all. This singular action has endeared many Akwa Ibom people to him.

9. Governor Udom will not INTIMIDATE political opponents or deny them the use of public facilities. That is why members of the opposition APC have had field’s day campaigning through the length and breadth of the state using public properties such as the Uyo Township Stadium, AKBC Television and Radio among others facilities unhindered.

10. Udom Emmanuel will not DECLARE war on Akwa Ibom people. He believes that power belongs to God and he gives it to whoever he wants. Instead of Governor Udom to hire armed thugs to invade Akwa Ibom state the manner Hitler invaded Poland, Udom will rather resign from office and return to his well accomplished private practice. His love for Akwa Ibom people has no bound.

11. Governor Udom will not LIE or DECEIVE Akwa Ibom people with unattainable blueprint just to attain political power. Governor Udom will not use propaganda by telling Akwa Ibom students that he would pay them 25, 000 naira yearly bursary when computing of the total number of Akwa Ibom state students is still ongoing, neither would he deceived them that he would create a new “Atai” State out of Akwa Ibom State to get their votes like others saying anything just to cling on to power for a day. Udom is different.

12. Governor Udom will not visit any SORCERER or do any ritual to win election, no, never! He is a deacon in the church of God who relies only in God and has variously stated clearly that “let him not have what God cannot give him.”

13. Governor Udom will never FUND CULTIST or any inordinate group to kill, maim and hijack ballot boxes in order to be reelected. He believes in free and fair elections and that only Akwa Ibom people would decide who will govern them and not any politician from Abuja or Federal might.

14. Governor Udom will not ENCOURAGE his wife, Martha to insult clergymen, harass security men or embarrass him in public places. Instead of Udom to encourage the erratic behaviour of his wife in church or other public places, Udom would be the first person to caution her and apologize on her behalf for her wrong doing.

15. Governor Udom will not use his wife to FORCEFULLY eject any political office holder who stands on his way to reelection in 2019. He is too decent not to act on his own.

16. Governor Udom will not make so much NOISE in the media on his performance in office or beat his own drum so loud because only empty vessels make load noises. People that perform in office do not need to spend billions of naira for media hype. He believes his works would speak for him.

17. Governor Udom will not WASTE Akwa Ibom resources on white elephant projects. He knows the areas of need in the state and is giving them proper attention to uplift the standard of living of the people. He is channeling the state resource to the appropriate quarters and not for his personal or parochial interest.

18. Governor Udom will not LEAVE the state in debt by 2023, never! The fact that Governor Udom met so much debt does not mean that he would increase it. Governor Udom is working assiduously to ensure that he services the state debt and free our unborn children from the calamity bestowed on them by previous government.

19. After president Buhari lose to Atiku and is sent back to Daura in 2019, Governor Udom will not LIE to his face that “his heart was with him” in 2019. Udom is straightforward and never a two-mouthed person. He is also not a deceitful politician who says what he does not mean.

20. Governor Udom will not RELIEVE some of his political appointees of their appointment because they have ties with his political opponents. No, never! Even though he has been betrayed in the past, the fact that he wishes them well makes him convinced that they would do him good notwithstanding their relationship of his opponents. That is why he appointed a brother to a political opponent Commissionership position in his cabinet. Udom is a good man.

21. Governor Udom will not INFLATE the cost of doing projects in the state to enrich self. For a man who has cut his teeth in the banking sector, self-aggrandizement from public fund is a taboo. He is not greedy to amass stupendous wealth for himself and family. Udom is a goal.

22. Governor Udom will not LOSE the 2019 governorship election. Don’t marvel. Go to the streets and ask any eligible voter who they will cast their votes on. The final answer is: Governor Udom Emmanuel.

_Tom FredFish is a public affairs analyst_ .

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