2019 ELECTION IN AKWA IBOM: KEEPING ACRONYMS STRAIGHT – Hon Prince Etokobong (Vice Chairman, Ikono LGA)

I was challenged by the claims of an astute Politician, and I quote: “the only candidate that can suppress/beat other candidates for the Ikono /Ini Federal Seat is Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo (Macaire) else, opposition will sweep in…. This I took as food for thought.

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In a political development as ours, (Ikono/ Ini) dominated by acronyms and strings of ‘Na we dey do’ ( introverts) syndrome featuring on Social, Print/News Media, etc. Their major focus is to use their syndrome as a beating drum against those that influence the public positively (extroverts).

This research is to advice the present government against 2019 election so as not to lose sight or leave any stone unturned in order to avoid a repetition on the dilemma of 2015 PDP Presidential elections in our dear State. Today, i counsel the government to search for Active Real Performers (ARP) for 2019 election, since the members from other parties in the State were former PDP members and are 80% acquainted with the strategies of our dear party from the Unit levels, to Ward, Chapter, and because they probably have pre-knowledge in the selection of choice candidates, even before it is officially announced.

The search for the ‘Real Performer’ is not in internet, nor social media activities, but could be done through True Grassroot Research(TGR), but it’s a pity, though; evident that most grassroot movers are either tactically ignored by ‘introverts image drummers’ or barred from the reality. The conception of “Na we dey do” should be addressed quickly.

Understanding these two variables (Real Performer and Na We Dey Do) require prompt attention that could reduce campaign capital by holding less on brain washing (kudos based on antecedents) and promoting better winning strides.

Ikono, and to say the least, Ikono south: this is our turn, it’s our right, it’s our slot. Let’s take a turn for the better, let’s bring our yearning dreams to reality. To do that we must go for the best fish (a performer): our thoughts will be read by our actions (PVC). From day to day even Mother Nature is crying for a better change. I foresee a staw if we let things sweep under our feet but if we decide to look into the future with clear intentions we are sure to touch our patching walls with firm cementation to weather the harsh winds of the future.

Consider this:
Electing a real performer will:
It allows for political development of a value proposition to maintain winning Loyalist.

It affects performance of the elected (a value chain of doing good, for the benefits of the electorate)
At least in Ikono / Ini, and in Ikono south, one of the major Political Players that is not difficult to campaign for is Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo ( Macaire), this is because of his humanitarian works. Ikono south let’s give him an opportunity to expand his tentacles.