20 Year Old Nigerian Student Constructs An Aircraft Using Local Materials

An African adage says “When life brings unto your door lime, make lemonade out of it”. Such can be said of Yahaya Usman Ahmad, a first-class student of Mathematics Education from College of Education Yola affiliated to the University of Maiduguri. According to Malik Jalingo, his friend who uploaded these images online, Usman decided to try his hands on something new and he came about this concept.

This is a prototype an aircraft which was made from local materials and also from scrapped motor parts.

What is worthy of note is that he built this piece from start to finish all by himself alone and guess what, he is only 20 years of age.

This is not the first time we will be seeing young men develop items like this and most time after their pictures have gone viral, nothing will be heard of them again. We do hope both state and the federal government will take interest in these kids and help to nurture them to be useful to their selves and also to the country.

These are some of the pictures of his plane.

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