Wed. Apr 24th, 2019


By Joseph Osung –

“I would rather die doing good than live doing evil”
– Matshona Dhiliwayo

It came to a point in time when one sits with random thoughts hovering around his inner mind on how to improve the political and social condition of his people… Victor Antai went through just that.

It is quite unfortunate that people tend to apply political coloration on every action taken by an outstanding politician like Rt. Hon Victor Antai. That is the mentality of a deluded soul. One who dies inside, murdered by inferiority complex and low self esteem.

That’s why people like Emmanuel Lawrence Emene would shamelessly come out of their miserable shell to vomit such gibberish as the following:

“Victor Antai in Okobo sharing #100 to hungry Youth, pls can someone help tell him that B.E.N.A are not after immediate satisfaction”.

If the aforementioned confusionist thinks this silly and little sabotage is one way of winning the senatorial seat for his candidate, Barr. Ekpenyong Ntekim, then he better thinks again.

As a rational thinker, one should be able to decipher between voluntary work and political gimmick. Whereas the former aims at serving his people, the later is for self aggrandisement.

Any sane human would commend Rt. Hon Victor Antai for embarking on such ground breaking sensitization which is aimed at increasing the electoral population of Oro Nation. Without any sentiment or prejudice, it is worthy of note that the man Hon Antai has undiluted respect for other politicians of the Oro and the whole of Akwa Ibom accent.

This is evident in his actions… First testimony is his birthday goodwill to Dr. Mrs Akon Eyakenyi last Saturday which was actually to the awe of everyone. Every steadfast supporter of the commissioner will also attest to the fact that he always cautions his fans to desist from using insulting and abusive words on elders (his political opponents inclusive) as he believes that his ambition cannot buy one’s age, status and experience.

The PVC sensitization embarked upon by Rt. Hon Victor Antai is nothing order than service to Oro Nation. I wonder where a man errs when he goes door to door to intimate people about the benefit of voter’s registration. He also gives out his hard earned money as a means to transport electorates to the registration centre to ease their stress of trekking down there. Where has he gone wrong? Can’t one assist his people again?

For God’s sake, this sensitization is for the benefit of Oro Nation. Anybody who ridicules such kind gesture is the greatest enemy we have ever had.

Let me also use this medium to call on Barr. Ntekim to caution his supporters to desist from this act of cheap sabotage aimed at thwarting Oro’s development.

Hon Victor Antai is not anyone’s foe and will never be, at least not for any political reason.

May I conclude by stating the following:
1. Hon Victor Antai has undiluted respect and understanding for his opponents.

2. Anyone who criticizes this sensitization gesture is Oro’s greatest enemy.

3. Oro can only rise to its fullest if it eschews politics of sentiment and face the fact.

4. The fact is that Oro is lagging behind in number of electorate and only a sensitization as this can help out – the same gospel Hon. Victor Antai preaches everyday.

5. That Victor Antai is not campaigning right now for any office but for Oro’s betterment.

6. That Hon Victor Antai like every other good Oronian wants us to increase in numerical strength which will give us a boost in Akwa Ibom league of Nations and in key decision making issues. It will also usher development into our territory.

5. That any money given by the commissioner is his hard earned money aimed to serve as transportation aid to wherever the voter’s registration is being carried out and not for any other purpose.

The truth remains the truth to the truthful ones… The truth is that the PVC SENSITIZATION carried out by Hon. Victor Antai is a necessity in place and it must be appreciated. Those who play politics of bitterness and prejudice may continue wallowing in their obscurity to the detriment of their future or their children’s.

PVC… The time is now..

God Bless Oro Nation
God Bless Victor Antai
God bless Udom Emmanuel
God bless Akwa Ibom State.

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