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Popular Female Car Dealer Shares How Company Secretary caused Her Sack, Pushed Her To Prominence••• Her Boss Came back begging

Popular Uyo based female car dealer Mrs Queenette Mmaobong Imo Akpan, wife of APC Chieftain Barr. Imo Akpan has revealed what brought her to limelight in her car dealings.

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Never question God when he is Displaying His Wisdom.

Exactly ten years ago today I was being envied at my place of work because I was very successful in the Auto Company I worked. In that office then, the secretary was the one the devil used as a medium to oppress me. My salary was a token of N40,000 but each Car sales attracted a commission of N25,000, hence my take home pay was usually plus or minus N300,000.

While some of my colleagues were dying of envy, they never cared to come closer to know the reason I was progressing more than them, they took to gossiping, one boldly told me I was dating my customers, that didn’t bother me, being focused and achieving success was Paramount to me, after all there is this saying that “A clear conscience fears no accusation” so they were entitled to their opinion.

I was favoured all round because of some personal sacrifices I made. I used to go to the office by 7am as against 8am the normal resumption time and sometimes went home late. As a marketer in my company, While I was busy going to different offices promoting our brand and making sales, some of my colleagues preferred going about their personal businesses with the assurance that their N40,000 salary was constant but they forgot that the company might fold up if it was not yielding profit.

I was so loved by the junior workers maybe because I came down to their level and probably the financial benefits they got from me. I made some donations in churches each time I was led to do so, I paid school fees to some orphans, helped people with little business startup capital, not that I had so much but because most times I was led in my spirit to do so.

My Boss was a good man who cared so much about the welfare of his staff, he was generous, sent us for trainings, but was always listening to side talks, not giving fair judgement when necessary, who ever reported a matter first was right, he never cared listening from both parties. I remembered him asking me where I got money to do all the things I was doing, he jokingly said he feels I was defrauding the company. Hmmm defrauding Sir? when I’m neither the accountant or the cashier and that all the business I concluded that had to do with cash was paid to the company’s account.

Exactly ten years ago, my Boss’s Driver called me to say madam, the secretary told oga you were doing other business aside selling cars for the company and that oga has instructed that she should serve me a sack letter. He said he was leaking the secret to me because I was always nice to them. I was so confuse and didn’t know what to do, in my confused state I hurriedly typed my resignation letter with the hope that I will be allowed another one month stay in the company but I received the greatest shock when after my Boss received my resignation letter and in less than two hours I received another letter that I should stop work that faithful day.

I could not believe what was happening to me that day, I went into the rest room and cried to my satisfaction, I blamed God why he allowed all that to happen to me, I was on fast that faithful day, I made donation that week for my church building, I kept saying God why? I consoled myself and came out from the rest room, some people mourned with me, while some were happy I was going. I parked my things and left at close of work that day without the company remitting my due to me even till date.

I totally forgot that Isaiah 54:15 says “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake”. Also in Ecclesiastes 9:11 says, “The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong…” This means that even if you are not the smartest, strongest, most knowledgeable or best looking in the natural, God can still give you good success when you depend on His grace.

While thinking what to do with my little savings, I heard my spirit ministered to me sow your all to your church building ( please note this, nobody prophesied to me) It was a difficult decision for me to take, but I had to obey that tiny voice that kept coming.

To my greatest surprise two weeks after I obeyed God by sowing that seed, I got a call from a Rev. Fr. Whom I was following up to patronize my company, that he was ready to buy some cars. I told him I wasn’t working in that place that he should go there by himself, he objected that I must be the one to sell for him. I didn’t know how to buy the car, because I didn’t know any dealer but I had a driver’s number that usually delivered cars to my former company.

When I put a call to that our company’s driver whom I met as a result of going back from work late because I was the one taking deliveries of cars, most times I bought food for him and his team each time they came in from Lagos. I narrated everything to him, he said I am not suppose to do this but I am going to introduce you to my In-law, who s a dealer..

My first profit was a whooping sum of N400,000, I didn’t sweat for it, I was very happy with my self because I was able to pay myself that March salary I was denied of. I was very grateful to God, for not allowing me to see shame.

Three months after, my Boss called and said MMAOBONG please come back we are struggling to pay salary, that after I left that they have not sold any car, I smiled and said, sir you know selling brand new cars is not easy, I told him it was late that he pushed me to my destiny, I said Sir even if the offer is 1m, that I will not come back. He said he had to sack the secretary. In few months, that auto company folded up.

In less than three month I registered my own Auto Company and had my own car stand, December of that year FAZE AUTO COMPANY was know every where in Akwa Ibom. It doesn’t matter what you go through in life when you stay focus to your calling God will surely see you through.

I conquered but bigger challenges came, but I am still standing tall because in all of these trials and tribulations God is always Displaying His Wisdom because I am involved.

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