Fri. Apr 26th, 2019


The burden of being the less privileged or minority race under Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District which is largely dominated by the Annang speaking race is quite heavy to say the least. But I’m not here to bore us with the history or advent of Ikono/Ini Local Government Areas as we already know much about the rationale behind these two Ibibio-speaking Local Government Areas as the only Ibibio race in that Senatorial District.

This write-up is not designed to spark any ethnic sentiment or tribal dichotomy but to make a strong case why these two Local Government Areas deserve a pride of place in the scheme of things when the Senatorial District is considered for plump jobs, appointments, infrastructural developments and so forth.

Available records have shown that Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District, particularly the Annang-speaking section of the Senatorial District have produced several Senators representing the area, as well as Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Executive Governors, Deputy Governors, Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, State Deputy Chairman of the PDP (Senatorial District Chairman) and many other juicy appointments, thus, the Ikono/Ini Local Government Area, the only Ibibio-speaking tribe in the Senatorial District have managed to produce only a Senator in all the period they have co-existed as a Senatorial District.

The reason for this simple narrative or analysis is to draw the attention of the government of the day led by a very good son of Akwa Ibom State and God-fearing man, Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel who has worked hard to unite every segment of the state through peaceful pact and furnishing of general considerations.

It may suffice to say that Ikono Local Government Area has contributed strategically to the return of this administration to continue for the next four years, albeit, Ikono will not want to take the shine off other Local Government Areas that also played crucial roles in ensuring the return of His Excellency, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel. But Ikono Local Government area has a particular case to be addressed properly, which any sympathizer of the Local Government Area will support to a logical conclusion.

At the wee stage of this piece, I gave an ample narration of what the two races under the Senatorial District have enjoyed or produced during the period they have existed together. Therefore, the sympathetic situation of these two local government areas (Ibibio race) should be a big concern to anyone who preaches equality and fairness. I wish justice will prevail as we judge this piece. To drive home my point, this writer has sufficient knowledge of the fact that appointments will be made by this administration before or after May 29th or some big offices will be vacant soon, mostly the ones that would be zoned to the Senatorial District, therefore, once that happens, the one and only option is to summarily give such office(s) to an Ikono person to assuage for our long wait and loyalty to the government.

Again, in the area of infrastructural development, the Local Government Area still lags behind as roads network continue to pose serious concern, upgrading of some facilities in various schools in the area including the Akwa Ibom State College of Science and Technology Nung Ukim Ikono should be considered by this administration.

In fact, those were the driving force behind the votes Ikono people freely gave our amiable Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel to continue in office, which like the Biblical Hezekiah who pleaded with God to remember how he used to work for Him (God) and that God should extend his life span. We all know the story.

Meanwhile, we are simply happy with Governor Udom Emmanuel for giving Ikono General Hospital a facelift and the construction of a 4.6 kilometre of Nung Ukim road, an indication that more will come our way in the course of this administration. But like the proverbial Oliver Twist, Ikono still ask for more.

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