Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Governor Udom Emmanuel present Running Mate for 2019 Gubernatorial elections

By Annie Charles Emmanuel

AKwa Ibom state government and the PDP candidate for the 2019 gubernatorial elections presents running mate to the PDP caucus.

In a breakfast meeting held today in Akwa Ibom state Government House ,Gov. Udom Emmanuel presented H.E. Mr. Moses Ekpo who holds sway as his deputy in the current Government as his running Mate for the 2019 governorship election.

Speaking to the PDP state working committee and her caucus, Gov. Udom Emmanuel stated clearly that his choice of Mr. Moses Ekpo as his running mate for the 2019 elections is based on the cool level headedness of Mr. Moses Ekpo.

The Governor further noted that Mr. Moses Ekpo is a team player,committed party man,humble and given to the divine mandate project and most importantly a partner in defending the mandate of the Akwa Ibom people as entrusted to him to deliver the gains of democracy to the state.

The PDP stakeholders in an ambience filled with joy and tranquility accepted the candidacy of Mr. Moses Ekpo as Gov. Udom’s running mate trusting the Akwa Ibom state PDP leader, Gov. Udom Emmanuel to be just and convicted of his decisions to choose Mr. Ekpo as his running mate.

It should be recalled that ever since the inception of Udom led government Mr. Moses Ekpo who is from the Annang Extract and a citizen from the Ikot Ekpene senatorial district represents justice and fairness to stabilise the political dynamics of this present government in the last three years.

Having served the state and the government in such a remarkable way, Governor Udom Emanuel thought it wise that it is ideal to have Mr. Ekpo run second term with him till 2023 as his deputy.

Responding to the kind gestures of the governor, Mr. Moses Ekpo thanked the Governor for his magnanimity in finding him privileged to serve the good people of Akwa Ibom state till 2023.

Mr. Ekpo reiterated that he has in the last years enjoyed a very healthy and robust working relationship with Governor Udom Emmanuel,stressing that H. E. Gov. Udom is a technocrat blessed with divine set of leadership skills steering the wheels of governance to the good of the people.

Still in his remarks, Deputy Governor Moses Ekpo pointed it clear that Gov. Udom’s victory at the 2019 governorship poll is already a success being that Gov. Udom is the most acceptable candidate for the hilltop Mansion till 2023 and that Udom’s score card in delivering people’s oriented projects to his people speaks volume of him.

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