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In may 29, 2015, Governor Udom Emmanuel assumed responsibility as the chief security officer of Akwa Ibom State, the most prestigious oil producing and fast developing industrial State in Nigeria.

Since then the State has enjoyed relative peace. The level of peace so enjoyed was few weeks ago acknowledged by the Nigerian military and the current Emir of Kano, as the most peaceful State in Nigeria and nodded in affirmation by other security agencies.

Governor Udom Emmanuel endowed with swift crime intervention strategies successfully tammed the then OKU IBOKU inter community crisis.

At trunk B roads bordering the state territories are visible combo-security check points at two poles interval. Special anti-crime and intelligence patrol teams are plying major and rural areas in the state. His Excellency the governor, deserves a thumb-up.

So far, governor Udom Emmanuel has allocated a reasonable hectre of land for the installation of Nigerian Army Brigade headquarters in the state. He has also trippled the number of armed security personnels at suspected areas of crime.

Several attempts by dissident persons and groups to invoke and immortalise the Adolf Hitler’s ideology of 1939-1945 into Akwa Ibom State aimed at granulating the enthroned peace in the crucible of uncontrollable entropy was proactively arrested by our peace loving governor, Udom Emmanuel.
Their paralytic efforts, however, misguided some ignorant youths into a faceless militia, prompting the people of Akwa Ibom to ask “EVEN THOU BRUTUS?”.

Governor Udom Emmanuel moved by empathy especially for mothers, children and the weak and aged unraveled the decoyed promises to the militia by those detractors and rabble-rousers by interpreting clearly the MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN.

The end result of the governor’s efforts saw hundreds of disciples of these Hitlers gain repentance, surrendered their arms and have since been integrated into productive ventures through governor Udom Emmanuel’s amnesty programme.

Governor Udom Emmanuel is a good man who distaste violence and injustice, he is God fearing with a forgiving heart to who ever is willing and ready to forsake his sins.

One may wonder or question why I don’t mention the names of these detractors, it is written in the holy book “How are the mighty fallen, tell it not in gath, publish it not in the streets of Ashkelon lest the daughters of the philistines rejoice… “therefore mentioning names here is considered ungodly perhaps disobedience to divine instructions.

While thanking His Excellency, governor Udom Emmanuel for making Akwa Ibom State a peaceful and safe environment for investors, tourists, indigenes, friends, businesses and even our pets, a one-sure unflinching and productive decision is imperative.
The sure decision is to vote governor Udom Emmanuel for second term in office, an uncompromised peace is assured.


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