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Former Vice President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Monday Ubani has been fingered as the ring leader in the current smear campaign plot against Barr.Mike Igini, the Akwa Ibom State Resident Electoral Commissioner.

One of such is an alleged doctored audio tape between one Dr. William and a female supposedly to taint and scandalize the reputation of the electoral commissioner after failed attempts to relocate the tribunal sitting to Abuja were they boasted that they are in control of judges who can be given order and skew judgements of the National Assembly Tribunal sitting in Uyo to Senator Akpabio’s favour.

A very reliable source in their team who spoke in confidence, stated clearly that, Senator Akpabio, sensing an imminent defeat at the Election Tribunal due to his inability to defend his alleged victory at the poll, accepted an offer from and recruited the crude services of the ex Ikeja branch Chairman of Nigeria Bar Association.

Rather than remain an advocate of Justice, he is said to have encouraged and advised that the self indicting doctored audio clips which Akpabio was afraid to tender before closing his case at the tribunal, should be put on the social media with false and spurious written claims.

Their intention was to create an impression with the manipulated audio, that Igini instructed the returning officer to cancel Akpabio’s votes in Essien Udim; a false narrative that the witness himself denied in the tribunal and was widely reported by national dailies.

Another aspect of his involvement was his claim that he was close to certain judges who could help influence the judgement in favour of Akpabio.

“Ubani, a Lagos based lawyer and supposed human rights activist, surprisingly accepted the mouth watering pay for this, and now works undercover, hand-in- hand with Akpabio as a member of his legal team which he cannot deny and other publicly identified corrupt people to smear people like Mike Igini,” the source added.

It could be recalled that Ubani, who has been on the wrong side of the news lately and deservedly so given his new found attraction to and full embrace of people associated with monumental corruption with the sole material drive for money, was detained on March 19, 2019, by EFCC and kept in their custody for thirty (30) whole days for standing sureties for Ngozi Olejeme, who once served as Chairman of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund between 2009 and 2015.

“A lawyer standing surtie for his client? Even though I am not a lawyer but is it proper for a lawyer to do that for a client who can run away or jump bail?

“What many Nigerians whom this impostor who claimed to be an activist did not know and, were just castigating EFCC was shocking findings amongst which are, Deed of transfer documents that this man called Ubani transferred properties that are subject of investigation to himself and hide them from EFCC on behalf of the fugitive Mrs. Olejeme” -confirmed a source.

It took the intervention of so many people to secure him bail that he is temporarily enjoying at the moment.

Our source further explained that “Akpabio whom we know has pending issues with EFCC can only be seen parading with and recruiting persons of Ugbani’s pedigree who are swimming in EFCC net.

“Luckily for him, he found Ubani who’s records are already soiled like his.

He was heard telling some people in Akpabio’s camp that “after Igini had signed on the original result figure in favour of Akpabio, that he Igini later changed it”

“Does Ubani really understands the process ? If he does probably he would have known that lgini has no power to sign any result nor instruct anyone to cancel votes except reminding all poll officials to abide by the rules and regulations that govern the election process from opening of polling, accreditation, voting and collation.”

Our source further hinted that his sudden involvement in the legal team did not go down well with some of them who are uncomfortable with him.

He has boasted and assured Akpabio how the written address they are working on will give victory to Akpabio and then disgrace lgini.

“Akpabio is ready to do anything, I mean anything to win the tribunal and has recruited the services of Ubani to tarnish Igini’s image and I can tell you confidently that Akpabio has released heavy amounts of money to reach a compromise with Ubani who boasted of his close relationship with some judges in Abuja who will intervene as he claimed the same way they did for Uche Ogar that led to the nullification of Governor lkpeazu’s victory initially in Abia state.”

Our source suggested to Nigerians to Google Uche Ogar and the subsidy scam and that they can then understand why Ubani is a fake bread and butter activist like many still out there deceiving Nigerians.

It could also be recalled that Akpabio’s hatred for Igini led to his open demand for the REC to be removed and transferred from Akwa Ibom State during the electioneering period when he knew that with Igini it won’t be game as usual of pre-writing of election results .

Meanwhile, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Saturday, closed its defense in the petition by Chief Godswill Akpabio challenging the election of Senator Chris Ekpenyong for Akwa Ibom North West Senatorial District.

August 1st and 5th have been announced for filing of Written Address by Respondents and Petitioners respectively and August 8, 2019 for filing of Reply on Point of Law.

The Tribunal will sit on August 8, 2019 for adoption of Written Address.

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