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The business of representation in recent history in Ikono/Ini has been plagued by tales of lack of capacity, insensitivity to the challenges of the people, gross ineptitude and excuse giving. The average Ikono/Ini person would accede to the fact that neglect and selfishness on the part of previous leadership at all levels and absence of federal presence in the constituency partly accounts for the decay and undevelopment the area is faced with.

From the corporate world of professional service, emerged a man dead to self, fully aware of the cry of the common man and poised to arrest the rot, howbeit from his purse as it were. Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo’s unquenchable passion and commitment to the growth and alleviation of the suffering of the common man is expressed in the number of his constituents benefiting from his empowerment scheme and other unannounced humanitarian gestures. His intimidating liberality is second to none and is heralded across the length and breadth of the State.

Characteristic of the nine ungrateful lepers, some of these beneficiaries whose lives he transformed have turned to stab him in the back out of sheer greed and selfish interest, yet he has remained undaunted in his quest to touch lives. Suffice it to say he is given to the Ministry of “help”, an endeavour that endears him to his people and that which he enjoys and views as a divine calling. All these over the years he has achieved without an appointment, political office, allocation power or marked out constituency funds.

Fast forward to his emergence as the people’s democratic party standard bearer for the Ikono/Ini House of Representatives seat, a feat achieved amidst stiff competition, he seeks to represent the constituency on the premise of a well articulated 7-point agenda covering 4 action-laden years. Taking a cursory look at the agenda, one would acknowledge that it realistically addresses the problem spots of the constituency from a highly informed insider position such as human capital development, job and wealth creation, women and youth reorientation/empowerment etc. How wouldn’t he know the deepest yearnings of his people when he dwells with, wines and dines with them as a culture.

Taking a look at educational standing as one of the sure foundations of effective representation, Ukpong-Udo beats other candidates by miles. He holds two Masters degrees from the United Kingdom and would in 3 months round up his doctorate programme in England. He is both an international health and safety consultant and an international chartered fellow in health & safety. As at his birthday on 2nd Dec 2018, he is the only Nigerian with these qualifications. Suffice it to say, he holds the highest health and safety qualification in Nigeria. This is a material Ikono/ini people are proud of.

Aside having an amiable antecedent going for him and being the most schooled among the 7 candidates vying for the position in Ikono / Ini, the office requires far more than capacity and connections. Divine grace is paramount in gaining favour, prominence and general acceptability and Emmanuel Ukpong-udo comes saturated with loads of that ready to combat the perennial challenges that bedevil the constituency.

The task of liberating Ikono/Ini and restoring it’s lost glory is not such that a newbie who knows little to nothing about the area should be tasked with. Some candidates who cared less about the progress and wellbeing of Ikono/Ini prior to elections have turned up from nowhere and mocked Ikono/Ini people playing on our collective sensibility with medical outreaches, sponsored football matches and road gradings. But the people see the mediocrity and selfishness masked by those acts of grandstanding. The people know their own and who the cap best fits and come February the 16th, their votes will send a resounding message.

A vote for Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo is a vote for progress, prosperity and development.

Courtesy: #Mkpoikana-Abasi Campaign Organization

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