Wed. Apr 24th, 2019


Akwaibomites at home and in the Diaspora are full of praises for the Vice Chairman of Uyo Local Government Council, Ambassador Udeme Ukai, for purchasing and distributing farm implements to Oil Palm farmers in Nkwot, Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, to aid productivity and increase food production in that part of the State.

Implements distributed include bicycles, Oil Palm climbing ropes, wrapper materials, farming tools and cash. The one that catches our interest the most are the bicycles, who many, who want to score cheap political points think, is not appropriate to be given to these farmers who before now, would have to trek for miles, to harvest farm fruits. Maybe, these pessimists would have preferred G-wagons, the latest Mercedes Benz GLE or even private jets to be given to the farmers, before their pessimistic curiosity would be satisfied.

Ambassador Udeme Ukai – a strategic thinker and grassroots mobilizer is known for striking the right cords in all his dealings! For these Oil palm farmers, Udeme Ukai has met them tight there, at the point of their needs! An improved means of transportation is enough a good news such that an increase in yield is very certain!

Transport is regarded as a crucial factor in improving agricultural productivity. It enhances quality of life of the people, creates market for agricultural produce, facilitates interaction among geographical and economic regions and opens up new areas to economic focus.

Transport is indispensable to economic development especially in a developing country like Nigeria. This is because transport is essential to execution of daily economic and social activities in any given area.

Ukai’s empowerment to these farmers will encourage them to work harder for increased production, add value to their products, reduce spoilage and wastage, empower the farmers, have a positive impact on productivity, income, employment and reduce poverty level, since it will be easier to move inputs and workers to farm as well as products to markets.

This is not the time to play “politics” with Udeme Ukai’s benevolence but a time to applaud an Uyo son for going all the way down to Ikono, not his village, not his local government, not his Federal Constituency nor his Senatorial District to make life easy for others.

Ambassador Udeme Ukai deserves a full dosage of commendations! He has once again met Akwaibomites at the point of their needs – a feat inspired by #OnlyGod and Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel – who is working tirelessly to pilot Akwa Ibom into the industrialization era with a #FutureAssured for our children and a generation of Akwa Ibomites unborn.

This article was first published by Aniekan James Ekah

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