Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Akwa Ibom People Will Resist Warsaw situation vehemently — Victor Attah

What value do you think Senator Akpabio will add to the APC?

The APC celebrates Akpabio at the national level, but I can tell you that at the state level it is a completely different thing. There is something we say in Akwa Ibom. We say that when you manage to cook a nice pot of soup, you should cover it down properly because if you leave it open and allow certain unworthy creatures like cockroaches, millipedes, and centipedes to crawl inside, they will turn your nice pot of soup sour. This may just happen to the APC in Akwa Ibom.

There was a time I could have said Akwa Ibom State had become at least 80 percent APC and I would not be wrong. There was also a time the whole state was PDP. Then somebody as prominent as Don Etiebet left the party and went to the All Peoples Party (APP) and became chairman, he later returned to the PDP, because other political parties did not stand any chance and I welcomed him back to the PDP. Then suddenly, Akpabio came, and all of those people moved en masse to the APC. Start with Akpanudoedehe, who was his campaign manager in 2007, followed too by Nsima Ekere, the deputy governor, Umana Umana, the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), every prominent person, including Etiebet, who is very close to Akpabio moved en masse to the APC.

But today, look at the decamping from the APC back to the PDP. So I can say the APC have got their pot of soup completely sour by certain things they are doing.

Let me see whether the APC can win Akwa Ibom State with Akpabio. But I can tell you with conviction that if the APC manages to win Akwa Ibom today, it would be in spite of rather than because of Akpabio because if you leave it to Akpabio, I don’t believe the APC would go very far in Akwa Ibom.

Today what we hear is that Akwa Ibom is going to be in similar situation that Warsaw was in the hands of Hitler. Is that what they want in Akwa Ibom? Akwa Ibom people will resist it vehemently. This kind of statement shows we have lost every kind of morality and ideology both in the formation of political parties and the pursuit of our various political ambition.

Source. Vanguard newspaper.

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