Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

Aisha’s Visit: A First Lady And Her Predecessor Otobong Sampson

The incumbent is always in a peaceful mental and emotional state. Not dishonourable in her ways and right-minded in her deeds. Her quietude is exceptional. Her predecessor, a loud and scary personality is a dissembler, a nudnik and a prattler – not necessarily in that order.

Martha Emmanuel, wife of Akwa Ibom State governor renders heartfelt compassionate services devoid of cacophonies; Unoma Akpabio, former first lady of the state dispenses ego-massaging favours with too much noise. That’s a difference.

Mrs. Emmanuel is one of those rare women who would still be beautiful even if she’s wrapped in a poultry feed sack and dipped in mire. Mrs. Akpabio, even if she is dressed in diamond crusted clothes with a crown on her head, won’t still be beautiful. Attitude is everything.

You always know you are in for an outstanding encounter with Martha when she’s around you. Her aura pierces through and she charms with ease. During the visit of the president’s wife, Aisha Buhari, at the Victor Attah International Airport, she created something special and notched up another class. She was simply superb.

From 2007 to 2015, Unoma was Akwa Ibom’s First Lady. Not once was she publicly disregarded by Akwa Ibom women. In the height of her power when the state was ruled like a conquered territory by her husband, there would be a bitter price to pay for anyone who so disrespected the empress or her office. I was a victim of her venom in 2013. That she stooped so low to ridicule the office she had occupied for eight years and insulting the entire Akwa Ibom women by that act is distasteful.

Beyond party leaning and partisan interest, there should be collective condemnation of the desecration of our state and a deserving reprimand too. For violating the Office of The Mother of Akwa Ibom, the people especially the women must come to see the offender as a common enemy on whose head the hatchet should be buried.

Mr. Akpabio and his wife should come to the reality that their moments in the State House are long over. The state have since moved past their era. Both should ‘face front’ and ‘waka dey go’ with the understanding of the fleetingness and impermanence of power. The federal might triggered arrogance of the Akpabios has shaped them into a pair whom the people are thrilled to form a mob against.

To juxtapose Martha with her predecessor in an attempt at comparison would be grossly unfair to the personality of a woman who has kept herself in the realm of admiration. Between the two, it isn’t hard to figure who will be wrapped in the mists of time and the incense of adoration. The true selves of both women have continued to appear as the years glide by; even with numerous distortions, less obscured have become the facts. Mrs. Emmanuel is in a class of her own. Pleasurably intriguing.

The Akpabios’ imperious deeds and overbearing slants have become deplorable and intolerable. The people must revolt against their priggishness and mock their quixotic fight against the unshackling of the state. Their misleading sententious pretentions must be seen through and punctured.

The people should be more delighted and warmed by the genial and inspiring manner in which the Udoms are leading the younger generation and in fact, the entire Akwa Ibom people towards a truer way of living.

At the airport, what was needed was skill, tact, intelligence and instinct; all of which First Lady Martha certainly has.

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