Wed. Apr 24th, 2019


By: Inem Effiong

I was not surprise during an interactive session yesterday when a young man on the other divide reminded the people of the phrase “Federal Might” and immediately a young man stood up to rebuke him and in his statement I quote “We are yet to have anything that will drag the might of the Federal Government to IKONO/INI, no Federal Polytechnic, No Mopol Squadron, no Head of any Federal parastatals, but that we have a lot to show for goodwill, and he started naming people who’s Macaire benevolence has affected , if there should be any Federal Might whatsoever, it should be directed to where there’s a Federal Government presence” then I learnt that no matter how you deceive our people with sudden gestures , they can always define the motive behind .
No wonder Jesus named it the Widow’s Might.

One of the most amazing things in a contemporary society is when a particular person takes up a role he didn’t ask for and make it his or her own with grit, grace, style and good humour.

We are yet to have a man who has gone to school to become a philanthropist, humble and open minded. Vividly in 2015 when our party seemed to be in a state of imbroglio because of the candidacy of unpopular persons, Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo’s humility , magnanimity and benevolence was but a saving grace, no candidate as at then could go for rally without his company, it was then we knew there was but a new religion in our land.

We prayed as a people for a Leader who’s all round savvy, A LEADER with an unconditional gesture, a Leader who’s blessed with the needle to solve Ikono/Ini most traceable problems, God answers against the will of our oppressors and dictators and we saw it played out during the PDP primaries, and people are regrouping to take us backward when we are bargaining for Effective Representation, our very own Representation, that of no dues, that of which will bring Governance to the people at all levels, Leadership of pedigree, Leadership that will present professional qualifications and grant us a place in the green chambers.

Leadership wasn’t meant for everyone, it would’ve been Aaron instead of Moses, we are sure Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-udo is all out to give Ikono/ Ini Fed. Constituency the desired Representation as he’s blessed with the goodwill of Ikono/Ini people against all forms of negative distractions .

Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-udo amazingly have succeeded in managing the spotlight and today has made Ikono/Ini a place to belong for everybody, that’s why you see people who has never been at home vying for positions, and a new generation sets its sights higher because it has Macaire as a role model.

So you have made me proud and you have made the entire Ikono/Ini proud, and you have the good will of the people come 16th of Feb. 2019.

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